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    Started by indianchief

  • Hello From The U.S.of A.

    New member stopping in to say hello. 2017 Chieftain owner. Excited to hangout, make friends, learn some things and share some stuff as well. ✌ ...

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    Started by WhiteSmoke

  • Hello from West Side of Melbourne

    Hi all, thanks for the add. I bought a 2014 Chief Vintage a few months ago and love the bike. Hope to catch up on a ride soon. I am based in the west...

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    Started by Ridders

  • Looking at Scouts

    Hi guys, im test riding a Scout Bobber next weekend, and then at some point after that the regular Scout. I have been riding a long time now, but...

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    Started by adge82

  • Hi Geoff from Newcastle NSW

    Hi guys I am Geoff, thanks for the expectance to the forum. I from Newcastle NSW I have owned so many bikes since the early age of 15 now 64 yrs ....

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    Started by gc3

  • Hello Riders from Italy!

    Hello everyone! I am an italian Scout Bobber rider. I live in Rome and i have to say that this lil masterpiece turns heads (especially chicks...

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    Started by Texas87

  • New from South East Queensland

    Hi all from SEQLD

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    Started by Muchos Motos

  • Not Drowning Waving

    Hi (again), I am not new but have been absent for so long I thought that manners dictated that I reintroduce myself. Work commitments have had me...

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    Started by Airhead

  • New Victorian Regional Member

    My first bike was an Indian Chief classic which I bought in 2014. I upgraded this year and have got myself a Chieftain Limited 2018. I live in a...

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    Started by Gary

  • Bought a 2019 Indian Chieftain

    Just gotten myself the first 2019 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse in Australia..... And I'm loven it 🙂 I'b always loved Victory and Indian, and Got...

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    Started by Jethro

  • New Member from Victoria

    Gday all owner of a 2016 chief darkhorse ..slightly custom. stge 1 kit freedom true duals,aftermarket hardbags ,phil eastwood tank bib zambini bros...

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    Started by Tom Snapper McCarthy

  • The Wellington Scout

    Hey all. Picked up my 2018 Indian Scout a week ago, and am loving it. Windy Wellington might make me reconsider not getting the windscreen though. ...

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    Started by tallackn

  • Perth WA

    Hi, i live in Perth and 12 months ago i purchased the very first RM ELITE in Australia, prio to that i had a 2014 Vintage Springfield Blue. Which i...

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    Started by Memphis

  • Newbie Gympie Sunny Coast

    Hi All .just purchased the Burgandy 2018 Roadmaster . Only had a 2 hr test rise and was hooked . First ever ride on an Indian also it was . Former...

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    Started by Doely

  • New from Wollongong

    G'day i picked up this beaut from Sydney yesterday

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    Started by Fransvdm

  • New Forum Member - SA

    Greetings all - new member here from the Adelaide Hills with a 2015 Scout. Hope to meet a few likeminded souls amongst the pages and pick a few...

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    Started by Mayor McCheese

  • New Member - Bathurst

    Hi all. Thanks for adding me to the forum. Looking forward to using it! Anyone in the Central West of NSW keen to go riding, hit me up. Cheers Andy

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    Started by 01 Andy K

  • New Member from Canada eh!

    Hey Gang, hope I’m allowed on here. I joined because every time I google anything regarding my Scout Bobber, this seems to be the forum I’m on....

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    Started by Gforce10101

  • I'm New Here. G'day

    I was born on the 19th of January so that makes me a " 1901 " too! Love my Scout hope to see you guys out and about sometime. Great to...

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    Started by dishcrux

  • Scout Newbie from Melbourne

    G'day All Julian from Melbourne here. Bought my first Indian yesterday. Went for the 2018 Scout and stoked with it! Cheers!

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    Started by MannyKBT

  • New Member from Ohio

    Cheers Everyone !! Mike C. From Ohio 👍🏾

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    Started by Badassroadmaster

  • New Member from Melbourne with a Roadmaster

    Just picked up my Roadmaster after years on a HD, my last bike was a Night Rod Special so my Indian was a shock to the system... Love it of course,...

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    Started by James V

  • Newbie from Melbourne

    Hi everyone, thanks for your acceptance. I look forward to riding with you all on our Great works of Art. My ride is a 2017 Roadmaster Classic and I...

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    Started by Twoup

  • Hi New from Frankston

    Hi all my partner and I brought a 2017 Springfield in January it’s the burgundy and silver one awesome bike. When we took her in for her second...

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    Started by Lurch77

  • New Member from Melbourne

    Hi, I pick up my new Indian Scout Bobber on Monday. I can't wait! This is my first cruiser after many years of owning adventure bikes. I got sick...

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    Started by matts