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    Started by indianchief

  • New Members from Victoria

    Hi all, My name is Will and my wife, pictured on the Scout, is Katie. We've joined the forum to be able to chat and gain more knowledge about these...

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    Started by Hudson76

  • New Member - Melbourne

    G'day all - I have a 2016 Scout and can't get enough of it! It's got Ohlins suspension, upgraded filter and after-market pipes from Antique...

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    Started by Deano

  • New Member from Canada

    Hi all. My name is David and I live in Alberta, Canada. I have been riding my 2014 Chief Classic # 1801 for four years. As you probably know Canada...

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    Started by cdnindianrider

  • Greetings from South Coast NSW

    lads, 17 model limited owner here on south coast nsw near Ulladulla. Love the bike except for the dreaded clacking,,, yes I have a clacker with stage...

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    Started by downunder111

  • From Blaxland NSW

    Thanks for allowing me to join this forum. I’m riding a 2017 Chief Dark Horse. Previously rode a Victory Gunner. Regards jfk

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    Started by JFK

  • New Member - Sydney

    G'day all, I had been reading through the forums last couple of weeks and now that I've put deposit down on new 2018 Springfield Dark Horse i...

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    Started by Balakay

  • New Member from Melbourne

    Hi all Steve from Melbourne 2018 Scout

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    Started by Steveds2010

  • New Member from Darwin

    G'day all. Just bought a 2018 Chieftain Limited and am now awaiting accessories fitment. Can't wait to get the big girl and go cruising around the...

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    Started by Monty

  • New Member from Melbourne Victoria

    Hi my name is Vito, I purchased my first Indian Scout in 2015 and I absolutely love it. I have been on plenty of rides with other riders, organised...

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    Started by vito indian scout

  • Nate @ HogLights

    Hey all, Finally getting a chance to say "hi" to all and introduce myself on the forum. We're very happy to be a sponsor of the forum...

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    Started by Nate HogLights

  • New Member from WA

    Hi all im from perth .I have just purchased a 2017 roadmaster classic a couple of months ago what a fantastic bike

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    Started by Damien Mason

  • G'day

    G'day lads and ladies, John from Gippsland, Victoria here. Have been riding for close to 40 years now on dirt and tar....

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    Started by Sirsurfsalot

  • New Member from Perth WA

    Hi I an new to this forum, I have recently bought a 2018 Indian Bobber. I am interested in all modifications rides have done to their Bobbers.

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    Started by Deepsea

  • Melbourne Member with a Second Indian

    I am a new member from Victoria. This will be my second Indian. I bought a new two tone red and black Chief Classic in 2015, beautiful bike, lots of...

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    Started by Daggers

  • New Scout Rider

    I just picked up a Scout two weeks ago and love it. Haven't done any mods to it yet except change the pipes and some personal touches. Plan on riding...

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    Started by Crunch

  • New Nember from New Zealand

    Hi guys. New member and new Indian owner from New Zealand. Currently the proud owner of an Indian Scout Bobber in Thunder Black.

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    Started by Garfield

  • Hello from Mandurah WA (Soon to be)

    Soon to be Mandurah based. Currently out of Oz selling a house. Not currently riding anything - last bike was a HDSofty classic. These current gen...

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    Started by OzOldie

  • My First Bike

    Hey y’all my names Matt and I just purchased an ‘18 scout bobber as my first bike. I’ll be getting my license by the end of March. So far...

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    Started by stoomat16

  • Hello from New Jersey

    I recently decided to get the 2018 Indian dark horse over the Harley street glide. I won’t have my bike for 2 weeks so I don’t have much to say...

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    Started by Indiannewbie

  • New Member from Goldy Queensland

    Has anyone ever purchased an Indian in USA and rode it over there on holidays and then shipped it home back to OZ?

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    Started by wotman

  • G'Day Oz forum

    Been on the U.S. one a bit. Thought it was about time to support the local network. Just moved back to Perth from the east coast and traded in my...

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    Started by Lout

  • New Member from NSW

    Hi thanks for the add, ride 2016 Springfield. From Northern a Rivers NSW. cheers Chief

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    Started by Chief

  • Hi all Mon here from Brizzy

    Have been lurking on here a bit recently so thought had better join thanks everyone. Bought my 2016 scout a few weeks back, only 900 on the clock so...

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    Started by Mon

  • New Member

    g'day all, i just joined the group. i hope to read valuable threads

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    Started by Janks4

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