• Another Munro Sets Land Speed Record

    by Thumper: Fifty years after Burt Munro set a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, his great-nephew Lee Munro has also set a speed record. Lee Munro...

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    Started by Thumper

  • Indian Scout Pillion Seat

    by Lstansfi: Hi everyone, Is anyone out there having any complaints re pillion seat being too hard? My partner can only ride for hour max complaining pillion...

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    Started by Lstansfi

  • Scout Darkhorse??

    by faceonahead: What do you think o

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    Started by faceonahead

  • Best Tyres for Indian Scout

    by ozduo: Hi. my tyres are getting well worn so I'm asking for everyone's opinion on which tyres are best suited for the Scout before I source their...

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    Started by ozduo

  • The Best Looking Scout I have Seen So Far

    by V-Twin: Hey all, I came across pictures of this Scout today. Wow!! 😳👍😀 The owner, CruiseMaster from Switzerland jokingly called it 'Scout...

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    Started by V-Twin

  • Fuel Guage on a Scout

    by Richard Gibson: Hi all has anyone fitted a fuel gauge to there scout? Don't know of I want to trust the fuel light. TIA

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    Started by Richard Gibson

  • Scout Tank Strap

    by Gaza: Any one found a good looking tank strap for a scout my larger frame tends to hang on the tank and i dont want it scratched

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    Started by Gaza

  • Brake Pads for Scout

    by Joe: Hi all, has anyone changed front and rear brake pads on their scout? I was thinking of using EBC HH sintered pads if available

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    Started by Joe

  • Bassani Pipes

    by Tux69: Good morning think tank. A couple of weeks ago I had my Bassani 2-into-1 pipes fitted. Without the Power Commander V and air filter they were the...

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    Started by Tux69

  • Indian Scout Seat

    by dux: Hi all I just did my 1st long distance ride on my indian scout and man did i have a sore tail bone and arse. Any suggestion from anyone ? been...

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    Started by dux

  • A Few Mods I Did a While Ago on My Scout

    by Greyhairhoon: Ok here a few photos of some little mods I have done a while ago, mainly to save radiator that was looking very secondhand from rocks after only a...

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    Started by Greyhairhoon

  • Bolts for Scout Pillion Seat

    by James Blay: Hi all, The rear bolt for my Scout passenger seat has come loose and is now lost. Just wondering if anyone had the measurements handy so I can...

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    Started by James Blay

  • Saddle Bag Spools

    by Nooscout: I recently replaced these spool attachment bolts on my 22 month old Scout with stainless steel. The spools were harbouring moisture, whether from...

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    Started by Nooscout

  • GPS SatNav on Scout

    by Gazza: Just spent a pleasant afternoon mounting my new SatNav on Foxy.🏍😎 Looked at a few options and settled on using a shocker clamp at the top of...

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    Started by Gazza

  • Black or Brown - How Do You Roll?

    by CHF007: Today while visiting the Indian Dealership in Brisbane , I was admiring the 2017 Two Tone Scout . I was discussing the bike with a staff member ,...

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    Started by CHF007

  • Scout Air Ride?

    by Gordo: Hello guys and gals, Long time no speak, fortunately I've been beating an illness that raised its head again and significantly well on my way to...

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    Started by Gordo

  • Beach Bars for Scout

    by Vagabond: Wondering if anyone has put beach bars on their Scout and if so what brand/model? Found some nice 1s available through www.indianaftermarket.com...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Scout Aftermarket Windscreen

    by Gaza: Any one fitted a non genuine windscreen to scout what make how much are they worth fitting

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    Started by Gaza

  • 1920 Solo seat fitting alert.

    by Dr.Shifty: I ran into a problem with my 1920 seat, and it's likely that others will have the same thing happen. For those considering the seat, here's the...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • NSW - Riding around

    by SCOU7: Hi Tribe with the weather finally starting to improve out here I am taking a week off work to tour around again. Not sure which direction I will head...

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    Started by SCOU7

  • Scout Top Speed

    by red Scout jj: Hi Scout Riders did anyone try to push Scout to the lImit . 6 months ago near Taree on F1 I hit 180 km and still had some throttle left I would say...

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    Started by red Scout jj

  • Indian Red Ceramic coating

    by Tux69: Good morning, Does anyone know where I could get Indian Red as a ceramic coating for heat shields? Better still, if someone knows the color number...

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    Started by Tux69

  • Check Engine

    by Tux69: Good Sunday think tank. I hope you are all well. This weekend I'm out in the centre of Tassie. I've been on unsealed roads. Today the 'check engine'...

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    Started by Tux69

  • I Have a Scout 60 in My Garage

    by V-Twin: Hey all, No! I didn't buy one. My workshop let me take one while my bike was getting work done on it. It's a nice little bike. Decent amount of...

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    Started by V-Twin

  • Coffee Mug

    by Harry: A mate asked me for a pic of my bike, and this is what he presented me. A one off, mug with my girl on it, How cool is that.

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    Started by Harry