• Indian Scout Worst Starter Bike

    Listern to what he has to say, he is in no way bagging out Scouts but he's view is an interesting one https://youtu.be/zM2CN2Uh_LA

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    Started by stevenlb21

  • Something for All You Scout Boys and Gals

    Sorry this is off Facebook. A Scout build off bike (Edited by Admin: Facebook account required and be a member of the Closed Group) ...

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    Started by stevenlb21

  • Matte Silver Paint Code for Scout Bobber

    Can anybody tell me for certain ehat the paint code is on a 2018 matte silver scout bobber? I have found the scout silver smoke paint code is P-581,...

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    Started by hallzee

  • Scout Tank Strap

    Any one found a good looking tank strap for a scout my larger frame tends to hang on the tank and i dont want it scratched

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    Started by Gaza

  • Custom Bobber at Newcastle Dealer

    I saw this when I was in there today. The tank looks like it's been done over with an angle grinder. $25,000, that's against $19,000 standard. ...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Bought a Bobber....

    Katie and I went and put a deposit on this beauty today. We take delivery in about three weeks due to waiting for some Fox shocks to be delivered...

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    Started by Hudson76

  • My "Hall or Nothing" Custom Bobber Build

    As the title dictates, im getting into modifying my bike. It didnt take long for the first few mods to take pace, (ie the tail tidy and intake...

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    Started by hallzee

  • Arlen Ness Grips and Engine Guard Fitted To My Scout

    Installed some engine guards and handle bar grips and tested it out on the weekend. Verdict.....Very happy.

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    Started by Tezza

  • Jack Daniels Edition Scout Bobber

    Now that's a good looking Scout! What a shame they're only making 177;- I very much doubt any of those will make their way to Aus. ...

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    Started by NZCam

  • Scout Horn Issue

    Has any Scout owners had issues with their horns? (Bike horns that is) While out on a ride last Sunday, I operated the horn to see a mate off but it...

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    Started by Tezza

  • Scout Tyre Pressure Gauge and Inflation

    How do you guys go with inflating your tyres at servos? I have found so many inflators don't connect effectively on the valve. Especially on the rear...

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    Started by Ruby2

  • Extended Reach Footpegs

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted the Extended Reach footpegs to their Bobber? I am 183cm (6.0") tall and was thinking I might add the...

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    Started by Deepsea

  • Bobber Number Plate Holder Replacement

    I’m not happy with the oversized number plate holder which hangs out the back of my Bobber. I saw one member that has changed his and was wondering...

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    Started by Baz64

  • Help Mount Saddle Bags on Scout

    Hi guys, have a 2016 scout which is already fitted with the quick release mounting spools on the fender. These were on the bike when I bought it and...

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    Started by Mon

  • Missing Passenger Footpeg Heel Guard

    Hi Scout Rider's, I have pillian pegs on my scout and I'm after peg guards to protect the exhaust from being tarnished from the boots. any...

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    Started by Janks4

  • First Video From My Scout

    Have done heaps of videos from my other rides and this is the 1st one from my Scout after setting up my GoPro. https://vimeo.com/237272409

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    Started by Tezza

  • Indian Scout Seat

    Hi all I just did my 1st long distance ride on my indian scout and man did i have a sore tail bone and arse. Any suggestion from anyone ? been...

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    Started by dux

  • Help with Trask Slip-Ons for Scout Bobber

    Hello all, I'm thinking of going with these slip ons from Trask as a plan B if I cant arrange the full system I want, I've heard they're really...

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    Started by Zeus

  • Replacement Seat Bolt Size?

    Hi, Does anyone know the size of bolt, you use with the 1920 solo seat? It's number 2 in the photo below. I used mine for the bracket, but it was so...

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    Started by damienpearse

  • New Scout Owner From Melbourne

    Hey guys.. Well I'm a recent Indian convert...I was a late starter in riding..and I do mean late... i started off with my Virago (250)... then after...

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    Started by Barb

  • Scout Maintenance

    Hi all, in the last month I have replaced stock tyres with Avon Cobra white walls,changed oil with indian oil kit, replaced rear brake pads with SBS...

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    Started by Joe

  • New Scout in Adelaide!

    Hi all, I picked up my new Scout Bobber today and I'm in love! These are some showroom photos from a few days ago (Before the exhaust was fitted), ...

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    Started by Zeus

  • Scout Bobber Foot Pegs Scraping?

    Does anyone else have an issue with scraping the footpegs when taking corners, roundabouts etc on their scout or bobber?

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    Started by Gazza0467

  • 240mm Rear Tyre Conversation For Your Scout

    I just put this up here just for peoples info. If this is your thing. I was amazed that the stock swingarm is so wide and can accept a wheel that...

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    Started by Greyhairhoon

  • Scout LED Headlight from eBay Fitted

    Hi all Just want to say I had real success swapping out the standard headlight for an LED version Cant be happier Ebay $67 Pics to come

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    Started by ThunderBlack Scout

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