• Power Sockets for the Scout

    by Dr.Shifty: I needed a 12v socket for my TomTom, and USB for phone etc. I know you can get a USB adapter for the 12v socket, but I found Jaycar has these so I...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Dark Scout Suspension - Good Choice

    by Gazza: Decided on Dark Scout suspension for my 2016 Scout as the best overall package. Now half way through completing the suspension upgrade - the rear...

    10 2

    Started by Gazza

  • Dynojet Powervision CX tuner for Indian Scout

    by Hunter: Hey guys. I recently purchased a PVCX for my scout sixty. Firstly these things are super easy to use, just plug in, click a few buttons, and go eat a...

    11 2

    Started by Hunter

  • Improved Scout Exhaust, Air Intake & Tune

    by Gazza: Hi All, One very happy 2016 Scout owner here 🏍😁. Finally found the exhaust slip-ons I wanted for my Scout. These beauties come from Antique...

    7 2

    Started by Gazza

  • Rocky Mountain Floorboards For Scouts

    by Tezza: Having 3 bikes with floorboards I found the Scout pegs a bit hard to get used to so I searched for some floorboards. Indian don't make them anymore...

    6 3

    Started by Tezza

  • Scout Handlebars

    by Thunder Scout: Just putting the feelers out if anyone has changed or upgrade there bars on their scout. Considering changing to maybe a retro or drag bar. For both...

    19 0

    Started by Thunder Scout

  • Front Brake Line Extension

    by Vagabond: Had a search through the interwebz and couldn't come up with anything definitive so thought i'd ask the brainstrust here.... I'm wanting put an...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • 3" Bassani Slash Cut Slip Ons

    by Scout LE MKIII: Fitted the Bassani Slash Cut Slip Ons yesterday. Definitely a lot louder then the stock - to be expected. Only had a short ride to test them out but...

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    Started by Scout LE MKIII

  • Dark Scout Suspension

    by Jasonbb: Hi guys, I went ahead and ordered this suspension kit after reading a bunch of reviews, I had decided to get the dealer to fit it for me but after...

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    Started by Jasonbb

  • Dobeck EJK

    by Vagabond: Who out there has fitted a Dobeck EJK to their Scout? Would like to hear what settings you currently have for your bike setup (exhaust, air filter...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Dark Scout

    by Jasonbb: Hi guys, has anyone seen or heard from Dark Scout? I'm pretty keen on doing something with the suspension, I sent him a PM last week but haven't...

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    Started by Jasonbb

  • Removing the Cat

    by Vagabond: So i got a bit bored recently and decided to pull out the baffles on my Indian stage 1 pipes and knocked out the plugs. Noticed it now pulls a little...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Another Happy DS Convert!!!

    by Vagabond: So I've had my Scout now for about 6 months and even before i bought her i was researching on the bits and pieces that i wanted to change and as...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • What Oil Are You Using on Your Scout?

    by Vagabond: I know this could open up a can of worms but.... Just hit 8000k and thought i'd give my ride some fresh lubrication even though technically not due...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Scout 69 Cams

    by trwaterman: Saw the Zipper A/C and thought I'd give it a go then was told I'd need a fuel tuner, Power Commander or such, so thought if I'm going to all that...

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    Started by trwaterman

  • Bassani Slip-ons vs Stage 1 Slip-ons

    by trwaterman: Hi I have the Indian Stage 1 slip ons and am having a S S filter and Dobeck fitted soon. Thinking of getting the Bassani 3" slip ons but apart...

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    Started by trwaterman

  • Arlen Ness Rear Shocks

    by Vagabond: Just came across these while looking at suspension setups. http://www.arlenness.com/prodcat/I-1057.asp Look pretty nice and height adjustable. Anyone...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Installed DS Suspension on My Scout

    by Thunder Scout: DS SUSPENSION UPGRADE Just wanted to share my experience recently over my DS suspension upgrade on my scout. Prior to signing on the dotted...

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    Started by Thunder Scout

  • Zippers MaxFlow Intake for the Indian Scout

    by V-Twin: Zippers Performance located in Maryland USA has a high flow intake to suit both Scout and Scout 60. Looking at the photo on their website,...

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    Started by V-Twin

  • Hacker Mayhem exhaust

    by Iandian: I recently installed Mayhem pipes on the Scout. Purchased through indianonly.com as Hacker don't sell direct outside USA. Both Hacker and indianonly...

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    Started by Iandian

  • Suspension Upgrade Done

    by Dr.Shifty: Before I bought the Scout 60 I'd done enough forum reading to know that I'd probably have to do the suspension. As soon as I got the bike around some...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Slip on Mufflers Affecting Warranty?

    by James Blay: Hi all, Thinking of installing a set of slip on mufflers to my scout, just to improve the sound of the bike. Just wondering if I was to buy an...

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    Started by James Blay

  • Fork Spring How to Installation

    by DarkScout: The Following is my front fork suspension setup for a rider and gear weight of 75Kg’s (150Lb’s) up to 85Kg,s (170Lb’s) Fork spring P/n 500-014...

    4 2

    Started by DarkScout

  • Installed FOX Indian Shocks

    by SRA: I have just managed, after a bit of a battle (My Treatment is robbing me of upper body strength), to get the nuts undone on the shocks. So my LE...

    7 1

    Started by SRA

  • Installing DS Custom Classic shocks on to the Indian Scout

    by DarkScout: The following photo diagram showing the correct way to install the rear shock on the Indian scout using the black spacer washers supplied with the...

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    Started by DarkScout

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