• Power Sockets for the Scout

    I needed a 12v socket for my TomTom, and USB for phone etc. I know you can get a USB adapter for the 12v socket, but I found Jaycar has these so I...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Zippers MaxFlow Intake for the Indian Scout

    Zippers Performance located in Maryland USA has a high flow intake to suit both Scout and Scout 60. Looking at the photo on their website,...

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    Started by V-Twin

  • Alternative Rear Shocks For 2016 Scout

    I know I'm going to get crucified over this post but it is an alternative that has worked out well for me. To start with, I'm a 70 year old rider...

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    Started by Tezza

  • Installed the Fox Racing Indian Shocks on Scout

    I have just managed, after a bit of a battle (My Treatment is robbing me of upper body strength), to get the nuts undone on the shocks. So my LE...

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    Started by SRA

  • Scout Handlebars

    Just putting the feelers out if anyone has changed or upgrade there bars on their scout. Considering changing to maybe a retro or drag bar. For both...

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    Started by Thunder Scout

  • Suspension Workshop for Scouts and Bobbers

    Hi all to all you scout and bobber movers and shakers. As we are now heading into winter and I'm sure not a winter person or rider, and I'm already...

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    Started by DarkScout

  • Bassani Exhausts in Melbourne

    Hi all - is there anyone in Melbourne with Bassani 2 into 1 exhaust on their Scout? I like the look of them but keen to hear them in the flesh.

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    Started by Deano

  • Dark Scout Suspension - Good Choice

    Decided on Dark Scout suspension for my 2016 Scout as the best overall package. Now half way through completing the suspension upgrade - the rear...

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    Started by Gazza

  • Improved Scout Exhaust, Air Intake & Tune

    Hi All, One very happy 2016 Scout owner here 🏍😁. Finally found the exhaust slip-ons I wanted for my Scout. These beauties come from Antique...

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    Started by Gazza

  • Scout Suspension Workshop Recommendation

    Hi all and a happy new year, I am looking at getting the DS front and rear suspension kit for my scout,does anyone know of a good place to get them...

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    Started by Joe

  • Removing the Cat

    So i got a bit bored recently and decided to pull out the baffles on my Indian stage 1 pipes and knocked out the plugs. Noticed it now pulls a little...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Air Filter and Exhaust Change

    🙃good day all, has anyone changed the Aircleaner and put slip-ons on and not reflashed? It would be nice to know if there was any issues before...

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    Started by srd0060

  • 3" Bassani Slash Cut Slip Ons

    Fitted the Bassani Slash Cut Slip Ons yesterday. Definitely a lot louder then the stock - to be expected. Only had a short ride to test them out but...

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    Started by Scout LE MKIII

  • Bassani 3" Slip-On Pipes

    Just ordered a scout bobber and optioned up to the Bassani 3" slip ons, the wait is killing me In peoples opinions do I need to do any mods to...

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    Started by jerry russel

  • Air Suspension For Indian Scout

    Wanting to know what everyone has got for Airshocks on their 2015 Indian Scout. At present time we've just got factory installed shocks. What if any...

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    Started by nicky

  • Dynojet Powervision CX tuner for Indian Scout

    Hey guys. I recently purchased a PVCX for my scout sixty. Firstly these things are super easy to use, just plug in, click a few buttons, and go eat a...

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    Started by Hunter

  • Rocky Mountain Floorboards For Scouts

    Having 3 bikes with floorboards I found the Scout pegs a bit hard to get used to so I searched for some floorboards. Indian don't make them anymore...

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    Started by Tezza

  • Front Brake Line Extension

    Had a search through the interwebz and couldn't come up with anything definitive so thought i'd ask the brainstrust here.... I'm wanting put an...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Dark Scout Suspension

    Hi guys, I went ahead and ordered this suspension kit after reading a bunch of reviews, I had decided to get the dealer to fit it for me but after...

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    Started by Jasonbb

  • Dobeck EJK

    Who out there has fitted a Dobeck EJK to their Scout? Would like to hear what settings you currently have for your bike setup (exhaust, air filter...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Dark Scout

    Hi guys, has anyone seen or heard from Dark Scout? I'm pretty keen on doing something with the suspension, I sent him a PM last week but haven't...

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    Started by Jasonbb

  • Another Happy DS Convert!!!

    So I've had my Scout now for about 6 months and even before i bought her i was researching on the bits and pieces that i wanted to change and as...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • What Oil Are You Using on Your Scout?

    I know this could open up a can of worms but.... Just hit 8000k and thought i'd give my ride some fresh lubrication even though technically not due...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Scout 69 Cams

    Saw the Zipper A/C and thought I'd give it a go then was told I'd need a fuel tuner, Power Commander or such, so thought if I'm going to all that...

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    Started by trwaterman

  • Bassani Slip-ons vs Stage 1 Slip-ons

    Hi I have the Indian Stage 1 slip ons and am having a S S filter and Dobeck fitted soon. Thinking of getting the Bassani 3" slip ons but apart...

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    Started by trwaterman