• Indian Scout 2015 Clutch Cable Broke

    Purchased new at Brisans motorcycles Newcastle. Between rust issues mechanical issue like tech breaking coolant tank cap then whole exhaust system...

    10 0

    Started by lobo

  • Loose Handlebar Grips

    Riding along today and what happens.....the left grip comes loose, that loose that It comes off in my hand. Not happy Jan

    6 0

    Started by Scuba

  • Scout Starter Recalled in Australia Yet?

    This thread on the international forum speaks of Indian recalling and replacing Scout starters. Does anyone have info on whether this recall is...

    15 3

    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Indian Scout, the Seat Removal the Hard Way!

    I guess when we are in a hurry or tired, we can all make mistakes. Sometimes, they can become, 'oh sh!t' moment real fast. This might be one of...

    20 1

    Started by V-Twin

  • O2 Sensor Failures on 2016 Scout

    Last Christmas I removed the OEM air box and installed a Trask Powerflow air filter to compliment the Indian slip on Stage 1 exhausts. I also...

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    Started by Smiley

  • Indian Scout Engine Turned Off Unexpectedly

    So i was riding home this arvo and everything was good, no problems with the bike at all, as i was down gearing as i approched some stopped traffic,...

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    Started by hallzee

  • Leaking Fork Seals Fixed With Seal Mate

    I have had a weeping seal on my 2015 Scout 69 for the past few months. Advised by Dealer to have it fixed next Service. I decided to investigate...

    19 3

    Started by Nooscout

  • Urgent Advise Required - Free Play on Pulley

    Just washed bike (2015 Scout) ready for a 2K+ ride interstate and noticed I have about 2mm play back and forth on my wheel drive pulley. While on...

    11 0

    Started by trwaterman

  • Flat Battery

    My Scout is now 16 months old and done 14000 km last week I tried to start my bike but battery was completely flat took more than overnight to be...

    12 0

    Started by red Scout jj

  • Scout Speedo Dying

    My speedo decided it is on the way out and had a major event this morning. I pulled up at some lights and the speedo slowly wound itself down to 40...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Indian Scout Misbehaving Speedometer

    It appears some Scouts are experiencing issues with misbehaving speedo. Some owners are referring to them as 'freaking out'! ...

    3 0

    Started by V-Twin

  • Adjusting DS Rear Suspension

    I found the Ikon C spanner slipping when trying to adjust the pre-load on DS suspension. Seemed the two nodules on the spanner did not line up nicely...

    6 4

    Started by Smiley

  • This is Why We Don't Panic

    So I was on my way home from work a couple of days ago and managed to hit a certain sunken manhole cover on my commute square in the middle. I...

    10 3

    Started by Hunter

  • Water Under Fuel Cap

    Has anyone had an issue with water under the fuel cap after washing their bike or when rainimg? Have washed the bike a few times since i bought it in...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Scout Throttle Surges (with updates)

    So I'm putting up on here to get an idea of how widespread his issue is... I am not going to speak for anyone else only from my experience, what I...

    54 1

    Started by Houso Joel

  • Sounds Ominous....

    There are some things that you are just not supposed to hear......I'm talking noises, not people giving you bad news... Some sounds are just too...

    5 0

    Started by SRA

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