• How Many Kilometres on Your Scout?

    OK so who's clocked up the most K's on their Scout. Been around a while now so would be interested to see what sort of K's the scouts good for. I've...

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    Started by trwaterman

  • ABS Brake Recall - 2017 and 2018 Scout and Bobber

    Polaris Sales Australia Pty Ltd — 2017-2018 Indian Scout, Scout 60 and Scout Bobber Motorcycles PRA No. 2018/16855 Date published: 29 Jun...

    18 3

    Started by dutch

  • Anyone Else See Radiator Damage?

    Anyone else getting damage on their radiator from road debris? Have pretty low k's on my bike and already can notice and can't imagine it will get...

    5 1

    Started by Mon

  • Indian Scout Engine Turned Off Unexpectedly

    So i was riding home this arvo and everything was good, no problems with the bike at all, as i was down gearing as i approched some stopped traffic,...

    30 0

    Started by hallzee

  • Indian Scout 2015 Clutch Cable Broke

    Purchased new at Brisans motorcycles Newcastle. Between rust issues mechanical issue like tech breaking coolant tank cap then whole exhaust system...

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    Started by lobo

  • Loose Handlebar Grips

    Riding along today and what happens.....the left grip comes loose, that loose that It comes off in my hand. Not happy Jan

    6 0

    Started by Scuba

  • Scout Starter Recalled in Australia Yet?

    This thread on the international forum speaks of Indian recalling and replacing Scout starters. Does anyone have info on whether this recall is...

    15 3

    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Indian Scout, the Seat Removal the Hard Way!

    I guess when we are in a hurry or tired, we can all make mistakes. Sometimes, they can become, 'oh sh!t' moment real fast. This might be one of...

    20 1

    Started by V-Twin

  • O2 Sensor Failures on 2016 Scout

    Last Christmas I removed the OEM air box and installed a Trask Powerflow air filter to compliment the Indian slip on Stage 1 exhausts. I also...

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    Started by Smiley

  • Leaking Fork Seals Fixed With Seal Mate

    I have had a weeping seal on my 2015 Scout 69 for the past few months. Advised by Dealer to have it fixed next Service. I decided to investigate...

    19 3

    Started by Nooscout

  • Urgent Advise Required - Free Play on Pulley

    Just washed bike (2015 Scout) ready for a 2K+ ride interstate and noticed I have about 2mm play back and forth on my wheel drive pulley. While on...

    11 0

    Started by trwaterman

  • Flat Battery

    My Scout is now 16 months old and done 14000 km last week I tried to start my bike but battery was completely flat took more than overnight to be...

    12 0

    Started by red Scout jj

  • Scout Speedo Dying

    My speedo decided it is on the way out and had a major event this morning. I pulled up at some lights and the speedo slowly wound itself down to 40...

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    Started by Dr.Shifty

  • Indian Scout Misbehaving Speedometer

    It appears some Scouts are experiencing issues with misbehaving speedo. Some owners are referring to them as 'freaking out'! ...

    3 0

    Started by V-Twin

  • Adjusting DS Rear Suspension

    I found the Ikon C spanner slipping when trying to adjust the pre-load on DS suspension. Seemed the two nodules on the spanner did not line up nicely...

    6 4

    Started by Smiley

  • This is Why We Don't Panic

    So I was on my way home from work a couple of days ago and managed to hit a certain sunken manhole cover on my commute square in the middle. I...

    10 3

    Started by Hunter

  • Water Under Fuel Cap

    Has anyone had an issue with water under the fuel cap after washing their bike or when rainimg? Have washed the bike a few times since i bought it in...

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    Started by Vagabond

  • Scout Throttle Surges (with updates)

    So I'm putting up on here to get an idea of how widespread his issue is... I am not going to speak for anyone else only from my experience, what I...

    54 1

    Started by Houso Joel

  • Sounds Ominous....

    There are some things that you are just not supposed to hear......I'm talking noises, not people giving you bad news... Some sounds are just too...

    5 0

    Started by SRA

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