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    Started by indianchief

  • G'day from WA

    just sayin hi , new member from WA , probably wont be here long as I run 3 business's of my own and wont have time to keep up with all the comment...

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    Started by No Name

  • FNG from Tassie

    G’day team, as the title says I’m a newbie from Tasmania. I own two Harley’s and have one on the market so I can purchase a 2019 Chieftain...

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    Started by Wideone

  • New Bobber Owner Gold Coast, Queensland

    Hi All, Thanks for the add. New Indian Scout Bobber Owner as of Friday not the best photo but here it is in Brilliant Blue and so far..

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    Started by Bobber75

  • New Member from NSW

    Hi guys- thanks for admitting me. I’ve owned a Black Roadmaster for 2 years. It’s fitted with stage 1 fishtail exhausts, pinnacle footrests and...

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    Started by Wazza

  • Another Perth Newbie

    Hi All, Another Indian enthusiast from Perth. Rediscovered riding in January 2019 with an Indian Scout. Two weeks ago upgraded to a new 2018...

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    Started by Pacman

  • New Member from Melbourne

    Hi all I just joined these forums and need to get my initial 5 posts up! Anyway I hope to learn a lot and potentially meet with other Indian owners...

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    Started by Select Edge

  • Chief Darkhorse from Perth

    Back in Perth on the weekend and pick up my 2016 Chief Darkhorse, cant wait..... stock apart from stage 1 exhaust so will be down at the Dealer shop...

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    Started by Madfish57

  • New Chief from Perth

    Hi everyone, Brad from Byford here. Picking up my new Chieftain Dark Horse on Friday, cant wait to get it out on the road. Will be sad to see the TB...

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    Started by BJChief

  • New Member from Gippsland

    Hello All,, Thanks to Admin for accepting me onto the forum. A little about me,, live in Gippsland, Victoria, work in the logging industry. Both...

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    Started by Johnnyd

  • New Member from Melbourne

    How are ya, g'day all youse 'n that. New member, no bike today but in the bright opining future there is a new bike. I rode bikes back when the...

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    Started by Raving Nutter

  • Sending a Hello to Fellow Perth Indian Riders

    Hello all, my name is Peter from Perth and an avid supporter of Indian motorcycles having just up graded my 2017 Indian Chieftain to a 2018 model...

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    Started by Peter Totts

  • Bolstering the Perth Ranks

    Hi everyone! Just upgraded to a 2018 Chieftain Dark Horse, which I've only had for a week or so. (Love it soooo much!!) Live in the Perth Hills,...

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    Started by Anya

  • Another From Perth

    Hi All, another new member here from Perth. I purchased my Matte Black Scout Bobber a bit over a year ago from the great guys in Perth. I really...

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    Started by pando

  • I’m from Perth WA

    Hi, i live in Perth and 12 months ago i purchased the very first RM ELITE in Australia, prio to that i had a 2014 Vintage Springfield Blue. Which i...

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    Started by Memphis

  • Hi From Perth Western Australia

    Hi, I am female Indian rider, currently on a 2018 Chieftain Ltd in White smoke. I look forward to seeing what is being discussed and see what i can...

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    Started by Andymoon

  • G’day from Jervis Bay NSW

    Hows it going guys my name is Pom I’m from Jervis Bay on the south coast of NSW. I ride a 2018 Indian Scout Bobber , great bike , real head turner

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    Started by Pom

  • New and Wanting to Say Hello

    Wanting to say hello how are you I’m new to the forum, currently looking to get a scout, I think they are awesome. I am a short rider so any...

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    Started by Lizbos

  • Hello, Looking to Buy Chieftain Dark Horse 116

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum so thanks for the add. I currently ride a Suzuki M109. I'm looking at buying the Chieftain Dark Horse.116. Just trying...

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    Started by ROOKEV

  • New Member Introduction

    Thanks for accepting me. I'm a veteran rider and Chieftain owner from out west of Geelong in Victoria. Have been a member of the US Indian Forum...

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    Started by Bolly

  • New Springfield Owner

    G'day all, Just purchased a 2019 Springfield and should be taking delivery this Friday. Very excited.

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    Started by Harry Graeve

  • Vinyl Seats

    when did Indian switch from leather to vinyl on their seats?

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    Started by Biggles

  • New Member from Frisco, Colorado

    Hello everyone! My wife (Sheri) bought an Indian Roadmaster last March, and I (Mark) get to be her chauffeur! It's a great partnership, as I have the...

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    Started by MarkPierson

  • Yank in Colorado Springs

    Greetings, I'm a Yank in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm sorry to say I currently do not own an Indian. I grew up around motorcycles. My dad was...

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    Started by Klutch

  • Greetings from Everton Hills, Queensland

    Hi from Everton Hills Queensland. Just got my 2018 RoadMaster on the 29th. Still figuring out how it all works. My BMW G650Gs is a lot simpler. I...

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    Started by Pappa Smurf