Hi Guys, hoping to use this forum as a tool to start customising my DH Chieftain. I'm in Brisbane and will need help on where and why to take it for some custom parts and work. To start with I have already 
  • stage 1 fishtail pipe
  • de-cat
  • stage 2 cams and oversized air-filter
  • klockworks low profile screen, and
  • mustang seats
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G'day Damonr, welcome to the forum.  This should be the place for the advice you are after, lots of knowledge bopping
around in here.  I prob'ly won't be much help being based in WA but go for it.
Again, welcome, enjoy the ride.
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Yeah, it’s hard finding some good Custom gear in shops to check out quality of the goods. Kind of want to do it once and do it right. Burleigh Bars now have an Indian store opening just up the road and are going to look at making some ape hangers for them. 


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