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trwaterman wrote:
Is it just me or would others like to see a mid range Indian?

As a Scout owner I'd go for that. I've had the Scout for a year and am now moving up to a bigger more comfortable bike. The Scout is too rough for my spine and I've had enough of being punished by Newcastle's roads. And this is with upgraded suspension.

The Scout was wonderful in Tassie last month, but so were the roads. 3,000 kms of twisty perfection and hardly a bump or pothole in sight. However, by the time I got home after two days of motorway I was about to book myself in for a kidney belt fitting.

Today I rode to Sydney Indian to check out the new Springfield DH. Two hours there and two hours back and I was knackered.

I'd like a bike with longer travel suspension than the Scout but lighter than the bigger bikes. I'm now old enough to appreciate a bit of plushness under my backside but in a package that's light enough to push around the garage with ease.
Cheers, Kim.

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Yep thats my point and add the factor of the 12.5 litre tank makes a great bike mediocre and many possible buyers look towards the HD range. I have fixed both these 'problems' at considerable cost  but still don't consider it a long range 'tourer'. I'm thinking Polaris's victory range Vegas / Hammer / Judge style & size with a T111 engine would be goooood. I hate to say it but HD are leaving Indian in their wake at the moment and Indian / Polaris need to lift their game. Having said that Indian (I guess) are targeting the US market and just maybe hitting the mark over there???
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Indian Brave
Cheers . Like the line up.
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