So took 2 different Scout Bobber 20s for a ride today. 
Both with Stage 1 slip-on shorty pipes and air intake. 
First was stock config with the floating saddle seat. 
Very happy with the handling and power performance. 
The high seating position and 10" mini apes were very comfortable for me 6' wuth long legs. 
Couldn't get the most from it however due to one unfortunate circumstance. 
Due to the firm and flat nature of the floating 1920 style saddle seat anytime I applied the throttle with any prejudice I felt like I was going to slide off the back. 

2nd bike was the same performance setup but with a padded low slang seat. 
This resulted in quite a different riding position from the standard seat configuration and more like the stock Scout Bobber seat but with a higher turn up at the back. 
Instantly, pulling off and onto the road was much better. Sitting in/on the bike rather than atop it, and not feeling like I was going to slide off the back. I was able to get a feel for the performance better. 
All up a much better ride on the second one. 

Both came with a tail tidy and in the end I placed an order for the 2nd configuration in black and with black heat shields. 
It's no Boulevard M109R but a damn nice little bike for bouncing around town as an alternative. 
Scout Bobber Twenty 2020 Thunder Black and Silver

Stage 1 Shorty Slipon Exhaust, Performance Air Box & Stage 1 Indian Tune
Saddleman Aftermarket Seat, Black Exhaust Heatshields
IMRG # "Waiting"
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Congrats mate, post a photo when you get it!

The solo seat looks really cool, and if you buy it later it's expensive, but it is terrible!
The sliding off I thought could be fixed with a leather conditioner, but I couldn't get used to sitting on top of the bike.
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I had toyed with the idea of altering the mounting of the 1920 seat along the lines of how vintage bikes are set-up (some sort of sprung suspension with swivel).
Went for the easy option of putting the original (which had never even been on my bike) back on instead.  It works well, albeit I would have preferred it to be black versus brown.  
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Have you seen the Motherroad customs seats!
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