Hi there, i just wanted to thank everyone for their positive messages, love and support after my little emotional melt down yesterday. it was a tough day. like many are having. I felt a bit silly afterward having a girly cry and letting something stupid send me over the edge.
I’m now more than ever, determined to deliver to you some good outcomes and options regarding this event.
As you have all worked out we won’t beat the Guinness World Record. so pressure is off a bit as far as doing things a certain way. We can develop plans to accomodate changes and adjust accordingly. as mentioned. let’s sit tight for the next 2 weeks and i’ll explain what i have worked on. Anouncement April 1.
Should you need to know now what i’m thinking because of your time frame and life needs please feel free to call me and i can give you some guidance on what i’m working on. i don’t want to publish yet as it’s all still evolving and the way the landscape changes every 5 minutes could change my ideas. But I reckon im pretty close to what I believe will happen and how it's delivered.
But what i wanted to really say is thank you so much for all your positive encouragement, care and genuine friendship xxx we are all in this.
This is about the sum of us all.
And we all add up pretty dam fine xxx

Cheers ck
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