1.    Are heated grips worth having? I have never had them. Any thoughts.
2.    Indian or Kuryakyn speakers for bars ? Or just use speakers in helmet??
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Steve Tayler wrote:
1.    Are heated grips worth having? I have never had them. Any thoughts.
I got Indian heated grips on my Vintage before last winter.  In a nutshell, they are great!  You use one of the black buttons on the fuel tank to activate.  9 or 10 levels.  I usually find them warm enough at setting 6 BUT it depends on how you hold your grips.  If you hold them with your fingers closed together, they are more effective.  If you hold your grips with your fingers open, not so effective.

I also ride with no screen so factor that in.  Chieftain and RM riders might find them even more effective.

Only thing I've heard that work better (and cheaper) are heated gloves.  As you would expect, they will warm you up from inside the gloves so much more effective but pain in the butt to plug them in or even remember to carry them.

One other down side of Indian heated grips are that drip grooves wear fairly quickly.  My set has done about 20,000kms and they have rounded groves, instead of square edged grooves.  Another 20,000kms and they may be missing the grooves all together.

Bottom line?  I like them, I will always be looking for bikes with heated grips after this.

Don't know anything about speakers as I don't have them nor tried them.
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Hi Steve,

I have the RM and the heated grips are great - not that I need to use them all that much.  The only problem is that they don't heat the back of your hands but that would be kind of expected.  If you have them you don't have to use them, if you don't have them you don't have the choice.

On the speakers, the only person that I know that may be able to help you is @dutch.  I know that he has had a pair for quite some time now so maybe he can provide some advice.
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Hi Steve, If you like to use short or fingerless gloves like me, they are fantastic to keep your hand and fingers warm. Also when wearing full-length gloves, they are very cosy. You need to play with the 10 heat settings to get it right as sometimes they can get too hot.
Not too sure about the speakers, but I did ride with a guy who had a Harley set up with those speakers and it sounded pretty good.
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+2 on heated grips only just got them, wish I had done it years ago, so many numb days for nothing
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Heated grips are an absolute no brainer, Steve.

I myself have had them on three motorcycles including the RM, and would not do without them in future.

On a bike without a fairing, you will soon consider them the best money you have spent.

I have never used the hottest settings, even in below zero temperatures on the Nullarbor, and they enable you to

choose a more tactile glove if you prefer instead of heavy thick gauntlets.
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Richard Dixon

Music in the helmet is great certainly cheaper & not as vulnerable to damage

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Skah Viho
Hi Steve,
              I am considering heated grips but not high on the list yet, as for speakers hmmm, I feel if they came with the bike like Chieftan, RM, they are good as they are designed into the bike. I have speakers in my helmet's I have the sena20s unit fitted. Not only do they play music of your device they also play fm radio as well as phone calls and intercom with other riders, I find them pretty good I have been on a few rides with my mates that have them as well and talking to each other while riding, does come in handy. 


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Yea I guess your correct there I have the same SENA 20s also. Just maybe was looking for something different maybe I should just stick with that. But yea heated grips will be the one to fit I'm hoping I can fit it myself 🤔🤔
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