Hello all, Russell signing in from Inner West Sydney, a month or so after getting myself (finally) my mid-life crisis toy.
A 2017, Chief Vintage. Black. (I can't seriously call it Thunder Black?) With 50 odd K on the clock.
I bounced around from thinking about a Z900RS, to a T120, then maybe RE 600, a Vulcan 1700, maybe a Victory 'cos I really liked them from years back. I even thought about an HD Switchback...for a couple of minutes.
Finally after months of cruising Bike Sales, this lad popped up out at MCS at Penrith. I'm pretty sure I'd sat on it at Ashfield months & months ago.
Anyway, SWMBO actually said yes. Well she didn't say no. SO now it's in the back yard.
I'm gradually getting back into the hang and rhythm of riding on Sydney streets, after 12+ years off bikes. The Vintage is an ENORMOUS thing, and I'm treading very carefully while my confidence (and skill?) builds. And so much to polish!
I hope to see you out there.
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G'day Russ and welcome from the west

You made a good choice with the Vintage (but then I'm biased).

Glad you got the almost tick of approval from SWMBO as well 😏

Enjoy your ride and the forum
Brad - SoR, Perth WA

2018 Indian Chief Vintage (Willow Green & Ivory)
Stage 3 116 Big Bore Kit, Stage 1 Pipes, fishtails & air cleaner
Beach Bars
IMRG: AU102531
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Glad to hear you're enjoying the toy
You're braver than me, I usually tell the Boss after I've signed the binding legal agreement and I've parked it in the shed
I've only had mine for six weeks and I do find the weight being nice & low does make it mostly disappear... until I forget I'm not on one of the red toys and I need to take a more sweeping line with classic slow in fast out rather than arrive in a rush, stand it on it's nose and fire out the other side style

"It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end" - Ursula K Le Guin

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Welcome and good too hear  SWMBO has approved you to have an affair with your new girl friend. Make sure you put a blanket on her to keep her warm when your not riding her ha ha. Well done Cobber you have chosen a great ride
We are here for a good time not a long time, so ride until you can not no more
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Thanks guys.
And yes it is a whole lot easier to ride than I thought.
And yes, it is a different style to the sporty brigade. I suppose that's why they call them cruisers?
There's not much I plan to do with bike, other than ride and keep it running & shiny. There's already a stage 1 cleaner & pipes...which will do for me. Maybe an aftermarket sissybar/rack & a riders rest...depending on what the interweb can provide. Although SWMBO has expressed no desire (yet) to get on the back.
And yep, she's wrapped up at night. In a fold out pod/tent I got off the interweb. No garage here you see. It is surprisingly effective.
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Hope you won't regret your choice. This bike is awesome!
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No regrets! It's been very gentle with me so far.
It's all about becoming comfortable & confident on Sydney's mean (and lumpy, off camber, oily, road work-ey) streets.
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