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Hi All,

I have a Freecom 4 in my Shoei JO and i'm wondering if there is an aftermarket in 40mm speakers that I could get and plug in to improve the sound quality?

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Not sure on that but I don’t use my headset after I got the Roadmaster . Speakers are great . Get one lol 
  With mine though sometimes if they aren’t quite right in the correct place in your helmet you won’t hear well at all . Try moving them a bit , may help . In this day and age one would think there would be . Try some electronic sound stores maybe 
Cheers Ray
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Helsinki, unless your speakers are knackered there probably isn't going to be any that are much better than them.

From what I can see the Freecoms have the same speakers as all the other Cardo units. (Smartpack, Packtalk etc.)

Correct placement is critical to getting the best sound out of these speakers, get the placement wrong and it'll sound naf, no matter what speakers you have installed.

The other option (one I'm considering) is to get a pair of custom fitted ear buds.

These block out the road/wind noise more and make the audio from the unit much clearer, and I've nbeen lead to beleive, requiring less volume to enjoy the tunes.
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Some time ago I was considering replacing my SENA speakers and I can across the below site.  It may or may not fit your system but good luck.

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Kiwi Helsinki
thanks @kmoulds!
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