So I've had my Scout now for about 6 months and even before i bought her i was researching on the bits and pieces that i wanted to change and as everyone probably knows 1 of the things that is mentioned most would be the changing the suspension setup. While perousing the interwebs and forums i came across DS suspension and from all reports was 1 of the best available...and Australian as well...happy days me thought. Then i read he was going out of business due to some issues with supply...not so happy i kept looking and waiting on other manufactures to come out with something money fell by the way side and think i got used to how the bike was....i also think having a Motherroad spring seat make the ride a little softer than what it actually is. Was happy to hear that DS got back into the suspension game so planned on purchasing as soon as i had the $$$$$
Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and finally got my order in...Keith was a pleasure to deal with. Responses were met with quickly and offered to help in any way he could.
I think i placed my order on a Friday and it was put together over the weekend and shipped Monday.Now after it was shipped it went on a magical mystery tour up to Sydney, the down to processing facility in Vic only to end up back with Keith at the end of the week [frown] Keith very promptly had it back with AusPost and it was on its way again for a 2nd journey which thank god this time it made it and package arrived Tuesday.
Well i may have been rather keen to get it installed as i finished my main job then rather quickly went to my part time work place where package was delivered and in about 2.5-3hrs....DONE!!!!
Now to anyone thinking that they couldn't do all relatively straight forward. I was going to a step by step but there are better write ups and how to's than what i could do.
The rear is relatively straight only tip hear would be instead of dropping down he bike to get to the bolt beside exhaust...use a jack to lift the wheel (though when i did it i had my bike completely off the ground). I did rear suspension 1st so once done i left jack under rear wheel for more support when i took front wheel off.
For the front springs i found this how to....and my hat goes off to Hatt for this 1. His "tool" (well syringe) for measuring out the 160mm air gap is great idea and makes that part of procedure super quick without having to mess about constantly measuring.
His procedure is excellent and made doing the front easy (it's even got the beer timescale pretty much spot on)

Well as i said after 2.5-3hrs...was done...unfortunately couldn't ride straight away as had to do some machining work though thankfully was relatively quick.
Well it's been a couple of days now with new suspension and what can i say that hasn't been said already. I'm still playing around with the back but even with that not completely dialled in it is now a new bike. So much smoother and have more confidence to take it into corners with speed. Doesn't want to jump around as much and so much more planted.
I don't have the words to show how good of a job Keith has done with his suspension and i can't recommend him enough if/when you change your setup.

Just realised this may have been a bit of a ramble...1 way to kill some time at work [biggrin]


(sorry for the caps but that had to emphasised) eheh
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nice outcome Vagabond.
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Could not agree more. Said it before and I'll say it again. The best money you will ever spend on your Scout are these DS shocks. The transformation is incredible. I've had mine now for nearly 12 months (they were actually off of DS scout when he got rid of it) and never looked back. (except to see other bikes not being able to keep up)
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Thankyou vagabond, because without you and other scout riders like yourself buying and supporting the DS classic scout suspension and supporting Australian designed and manufactured products like the DS Scout suspension their would be no product available for other scout riders to know what potential the little scout has, don't be turned off with poor bike suspension performance.

If looking forward heading to Melbourne on the next shop ride when the weather turns back into riding weather and catching up with you most excellent scout dudes for some catch, and when I do I will have some giveaways for you scout riders.

Ride safe and stay up-rite.. you all..
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