On the 01.11.18 I had to take my Vintage down to Victory & Indian Motorcycle Sydney for a minor repair.
Dreading the ride through " The Valley of Death" better known as the M4 and Parramatta Road.
When I left I was very satisfied with the the customer service I received.
There has been a huge improvement overall since Chis took over the running of the shop.
The current crew go above and beyond to make you feel welcome.
I've been a customer there since 2014 and this definitely hasn't always been the case.
btw I did notice that Robertino wasn't present
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Robertino’s job is on SEEK 😫
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twodogs wrote:
Robertino’s job is on SEEK 😫
Did he go back to Brisbane or did Indian lose another star? 🤔
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Maybe he'll start up his own service center
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Robertino is now the service manager, Gabriel has left for greener pastures, that was announced by Chris on last shop ride.
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Meanwhile back at the Ranch, Tonto disguised as a door gets his knob shot off !!!.

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Thanks for clearing that up Steve.
I missed the last shop ride.
Gabriel was there for a long time (since 2015) and he was the mechanic I originally delt with when my bike was going in for this repair.
Now you mention it he was there on the 18.10.18 when I first when down for the repair but was also not there on the 01.11.18.
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