hello folks... just recieved this message
  1. Is this event still going ahead?
  2. Is there a program for non Indian motorcycles?
at this stage still going ahead.. any updates will be posted and communicated to all registered riders via email .. every hour situations change.. lets all sit tight for a bit. The event will not be cancelled.. worst case postponed. However at this stage if you are allowed to ride a motorbike as an individual, you are healthy and show no signs of anything and Silverton still welcomes us... its all as planned..
re programe for non Indian Motorcycles.
There is no programe. this is ONLY for Indian motorcycle riders. this is NOT a bike festival or event.. there is no organising of anything for anyone other than those who have registered for a gift pack and to ride in a parade. Non Indian riders etc should perhaps re consider going to Broken Hill and Silverton that weekend to keep the crowds down to a manageable amount.
Watching every hour the state of play... Im doing my best to keep thinking the way forward... lots can happen over the next month. Please be calm, look after yourself and thanks again for your understanding in this time.. Cheers ck
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