Ok, I'm lazy and I want to be sure I my laziness is not going to get us killed.

Got a 2018 Scout with the stock rear suspension.  Most of my riding will be 2 up with my fat 100kg ass and the wife's 55kg (OMG I hope she does not read this forum!).

Taking bike into dealer to slap on the saddle bags with its 4000km service (yeah, I know it does not really need it, but I did mention the lazy part right?), and am thinking of telling them to max out the preload for me.

With me, the wife, and max 10kg in the bags, we are looking at a big ol' 165kg of weight, which is still 30kg shy of the spec's 195kg, but close.

What's the danger (if any) to me just solo riding without the wife and without the bags with just my fat ass on there and not readjusting the preload (lazy, remember)?

Should I aim for a little bit of middle ground on the preload?
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I don't know much about Scout so this is just a general comment on my part.

In the past, I have also been lazy and left the rear suspension on my Vintage preloaded to half way between solo and two-up.  However, that made the rear end firm and less comfortable.  I've since switched to Chieftain rear suspension (air pump adjustable from the side cover) and it is a lot easier to adjust the preload (no seat removal required).  Now I change the preload to suit the ride and load.

The potential danger is that your rear tyre may skid or bounce over uneven surface, rather than soak up the bump and remain in contact with the road.  That is not a big deal when riding straight, but it can pose a problem mid-corner.  
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Or do what I did, keep the bike as a solo & only offer a ride if the person wants to sit on the bare fender without any footpegs!   ðŸ˜‚👍
(besides, the Scout is way nicer as a solo!)
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I only half read the thread heading - "Any danger riding solo on suspension..."

Hell yeah!!  

But I won't dob...

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Hi tallackn.
I had the same dilemma when I bought my Scout in 2015. (60,000 Ks so far). The problem was caused because of the micrometer adjusters on the rear shocks.
     They are an absolute pain to adjust especially if you go from solo to pillion quite often as I do and it is very time consuming. This also resulted in barked knuckles as the C spanner constantly slips off. (The dealers jack the bike up to take the load off the suspension.)
      Yes it would be risky. I would not ride without the suspension balanced and since you cannot adjust the front then you have to adjust the rear.
I solved my problem by installing Ikon Shocks (before Dark Scout was available) with step adjustable preload with a C spanner. The 2015 Scout needed the Ikon upgrade as it was dangerous to ride with the stock suspension. (Unless you just ride occasionally to the corner shop).
       I have test ridden the 2018 Scout and I found the updated suspension was comparable to the performance of the Ikons. The only reason I did not trade up was because Indian still uses the ANAL micrometer adjustable method on their shocks. (As do some other manufacturers).
       I am sticking to my Ikon Suspension Scout. You could go for the Dark Scout (http://www.propeng.com.au)
upgrade. He advised me on how to set up my Ikon suspension (FOC) and I have never looked back.
Good luck and safe riding.
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