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I apologise for been absent for awhile. - a number of reasons .  I also have to sort out how to upload photos to this site. Yeah I know - directions are available. The Trike still not finished hopefully you can help.
 I need assistance before I tear out the last of my hair - I need an auto electrician on Brisbane north side to help with rewiring my trike kit on my Indian/ MOTOR TRIKE -Tomahawk Trike conversion kit Trike. Original Indian wiring OK (I think). However, the kit wiring is RS (three batteries and wiring burnt out in 5,000ks). I have purchased a "Kickass Premium Dual Battery System" which I will put in the trunk, and have a Denali power hub in the Top Box for accessories. Problem is I can not rotate my broken wrist so can not do a lot of the wiring😭 .
This makes working on the bike/trike very problematic. I ALSO need a regular mechanic who can work on an Indian Trike. Any real advice welcome.
Further, if you are in the Brisbane region, I am organising a ride on next Thursday 6 Aug for a couple of local groups.  Get together at 9:15 at Samford Garage (on roundabout) and leave at 9:30, Morning tea at Woodford and lunch at Kenilworth about 12:30 ish.

Thank 😘😁you for your interest.
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HI Clark,

sorry to hear the trike is still giving you trouble. And doubly sorry to hear of the broken wrist. That's not a quick fix from what I understand.

The thing that comes to mind about chasing up a local auto-sparky is either a caravan dealer or 4WD specialist. Those guys must do lots of auxiliary battery installations and will know the best people for the work.

If you are up an running by October, are you able to get to Byron Bay with us? Friday 9th for 4 nights. There is one couple coming down from Gympie, perhaps others from up your way. The trip plan is on the forum here somewhere.
Cheers, Kim.

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Hey there Pappa, condolences on the wrist and the Trike problems.  Life's certainly interesting eh?
Sorry, can't help with trade assistance, all my contacts (such as they are) are nowhere near QLD.

Keep the faith brother, best wishes. ðŸ‘
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