here is an article published on motorbikewriter. ( please note the pics of me were not sent by me, they gathered them from my website, i did not know) . I sent pic of the poster, however that then becomes advertiisng and as some of you may be aware, this is editorial and not paid advertising.. editorial news is always better recieved than paid ads anyway I believe.....
the reason Im pointing this out is that I'm aware some folk may think im seen too much in stuff and self promoting my brand etc Please know that's not my intent.. this event is for all of us.. its not about me. Some things I have no control over and sometimes publishers want other stuff to add to the info to help with the story.. just want all to know Im aware of what could be perceived as self promotion and I dont want that to be the perception..
Im working hard for all of us to make this a great event and to get a free drink (joking)
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and now also in

event listed in Ozbike Magazine. thanks guys for your support.…/

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Nice work. I wouldn't be at all worried about either of these leaving a self promotion impression. You and your bike are becoming iconic in the Indian world and the Silverton record would not be anywhere near as well supported if it was being organised by a faceless committee or some boring bloke with grey hair on a Road Master who dreams of owning a Goldwing. 🙂
Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
Rides a Springfield Dark Horse
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