Some weeks ago I posted about a package from the US take 4 days from US to Sydney, then it was sent to Perth then back to Sydney, 4 taking two weeks from Sydney to Newcastle.

Previously I'd been sent some stuff from a Perth forum member which hit Sydney and was sent to Wagga Wagga for three days, then back to Sydney, then here to Newcastle.

Now for the good news - 😍

This week I ordered some bike stuff from a shop in Perth. I had the choice of AusPost or Toll, both were the same $8 shipping. I chose Toll.

Ordered Tuesday, sent Tuesday - Thursday and Toll tracking shows them on the truck to be delivered today. Two days from Perth shop to my door.
There is some sanity out there in delivery-land after all.
Cheers, Kim.

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Personally I've never had an issue with AusPost. Ordered something yesterday (shipped from Newcastle), delivered today (outer metro Melbourne).
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Must admit, had something delivered from China week before last.  Landed in Australia and Australia Post had it delivered to my door without issue and in less time than I was expecting.  For the most part I don't have issue with Australia Post.  They have their challenges the same as any organisation, they also have their fair share of disinterested employees but on the whole I don't find them too bad (IMO)

Don't let the fact that I used to work for Aust post let you think that I had any influence. nothing could be further from the truth. 🙂
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I have nothing but HATE for Australia Post.  They have stuffed me around mo0re time than I care to remember and have cost me money.

The sooner that they go broke and stop operating and leave mail and parcel delivery to those companies that can do it efficiently then the better off we will all be.  Oh, did I mention that I HATE australia post.  I would use more descriptive adjectives to describe them but young ones may read these posts.😡😡😡😡

Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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Since AusPost has had the online tracking system I've been chasing up where my stuff goes. It's rare that I get anything quickly, and common that even from Sydney takes a week to my door.

The Toll package this week was picked up lunch time Tuesday (Bunbury, not Perth when I checked) and at my door lunch time Thursday.

I haven't got to the 'hate' stage yet, just resigned to how things work at my place. They shut the Post Office in my suburb a month ago so now I have to check what post office things go to if I'm not home to sign for them. Some things go to one suburb, other things go to a second suburb. That must make sense to somebody. 🙄
Cheers, Kim.

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