I wanted to share the New Look of my 2018 Bobber styling the New Black shift rod made by Joker Machine. My Bobber is Flat black so I am slowly changing any shiny parts out for Black bits. Next change will be my Clutch and front brake levers.

Bobber shifter rod 1.jpg  Bobber shifter rod 2.jpg    

2018 Indian Bobber
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Thats pretty trick. It almost disappears in black but nice custom shape to give it a bit of pizzazz.
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Looks really nice. Looking forward to see what you do with the rest of the bike. 
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KL Scout
I will admit I even think the one on the scout looks out of place a bit. 
Will be making mine black. 
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Looks great mate. Keep us up to date with what you do with the levers.
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Hey Yu
DSCF5256.jpg I had some shrink wrap pieces laying around doing nothing so I put them to good use. Looks better when not so close! Next time I will splurge and buy a piece long enough. The matte finish really hides the rod.
Painted the cover too!
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I think I might give the shrink wrap a try too
2015 Scout
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