Hi I am a member of FarRiders. A club that specialises in endurance challenges, generally with a  time and distance window of 24 hours across 1,000km. I have completed three such challenges. It's more about strategy and timing than speed. Also fatigue management.
The next run that's close to Melbourne is to Leeton NSW on May-26.
My plan is to leave The BP in Warrigal Rd Chadstone, at 5:00 Am then via Talarook, Glenrowan, Corowa and Urana. Google Maps shows that this is a little over 500km in about 6 hours, allowing for refueling, leg-stretching and pissing.

s6.jpg  ETA at Leeton is around 11:00 AM After check-in with FarRiders and a pub lunch I'll be returning along the same route, ETA in Melbourne of about 18:00 
 The Victory Cross Country theoretically has a range of 400km on one tank, but I like to top up about every 200km.  
Here's their website http://www.FarRiders.com 
My FarRider number is #1034 and you can find me and my records by clicking the Members tab.
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I rode back from Brisbane in 2 days about 2 years ago.  I think I rode 900kms per day.  If I knew about the FarRiders then... have a great time.  I hope the weather is kind to you.
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Hi guys, heard about far riders awhile back.  Doing over 1000kms a day was normal when travelling years ago (at least for me & a few others), would've been nice to get something for it apart from a sore rear!  Now I'm older, I try & limit it to 800kms or so.  15000kms plus was kind of the go crossing Nullabor & up to Darwin from Alice or going down south.  Limited days off & decent places to stay were a main factor.  (oh, that & the exorbitant airfares from some places!)
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Melbourne to Leeton, NSW and back in a day? Pass. Sorry. I'd love to but I unfortunately have medical reasons I can't do long hours any more. Fatigue can literally kill me if I'm riding or driving. Still, would be nice to see my old high school (Yanco).
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