Needed someone to blow the cobwebs out for me. Father in law approves! He can't stop talking about it apparently. He did about 20km and it's funny too - he was with me when I test rode the M8 HD SGS and said to my wife while I was out on that test ride, "I don't know why he's bothering going to Indian after this". He's bike sitting his son's HD Forty-Eight while he's posted to Darwin and flying around in Tigers but once that changes and he's in the market for his own bike, he's already said a trip to Indian is in order! [biggrin]

It's funny how many one eyed people open the other eye when they actually ride an Indian. Now styling notwithstanding because I do know of a couple of very good vloggers who have both gone with the M8 HD SGS even after admitting they love the Indian Chieftain and even saying it's a better ride. But HD for them will always win on styling (at the moment). Imagine Indian's sales once they start releasing some models that look more modern but still sh*t on HD in terms of quality in engineering and ride.

Anyhow, I took a quick vid of him getting back from his quick blast. [biggrin]

Really? LOL!
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Great story!  Your father in law is very cool!!  

Yes, Harley vs Indian will go on for a very long time.  Why not?  That's great for us.  😜👍
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