So, I finally managed to fix my bike after my prang a few weeks back that smashed my stock headlight. I bought a new bucket and chrome bezel from Partshark (freight forwarded using MYUS.COM) and I bought new LED headlights from HOGLIGHTS.

It took a little effort to remove the old headlight bucket as it had buckled in the prang making it difficult to get at the holding bolts, but got there in the end. I was surprised at the amount of cables and electrical connectors hiding behind the old light and was concerned that the new LED lights, which are much bigger due to the heat sink on the back of the light, would not fit properly. But I had no problem in the end.

I was initially sent the incorrect adapter cable for the parking lights but Nate at HOGLIGHTS was on to it and sent me the 'correct' ones within a day. By 'correct' I mean the adapter cable that is meant for the Scout. However, it doesn't seem to be right either. It looks like my old light had two connectors for parking lights whereas the new lights only have one, so one connector on the bike is not connected to anything! In the end I couldn't get the parking lights to work properly but, as I never use them anyway, I don't see that as a problem.

Very happy with the new look and very happy to be back riding again! Some picks below for your information.

BikeLED4-1.jpg  BikeLED3-2.jpg  BikeLED6-3.jpg
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All I want to know, are they better in the dark? I've found my stock Scout headlights to be minimal at best.  Not good at all where I was in the NT, after dark needed good lights to watch out for the beasties on the road.  Even in the city (where I live now) I find them to be fairly average.
will the bigger light fitting (heat sink etc) be a problem with the numerous electrics/cables in the standard setup?  Will be curious to know how you go down the track.  The new light Does look good though.  ðŸ‘
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Hi @Croc , the new lights are much better than the stock lights - not too hard to do I guess! Most of my riding is city riding so never very dark at the best of times, though my ride home takes me through some poorly lit roads and I've noticed the new lights to be a lot better.
I had no problem with fitting the light in the end. There are a lot of cables and connectors to find space for in the standard setup, but just spacing them out at the back of the standard bucket so that the connectors don't go side-by-side gave me plenty of room for the new light.
Thanks for the vote of approval on the look!
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Nate HogLights

Hey Martin, 

Hope you've recieved my email, sorry for the delayed reply, we've been crazy busy here lately.  

Ok, for others who may have the same question, the red wire on the 5.75" HogLight is for the park light.  As the LED's utalise a single controller board inside, all of the negative/neutral signals go out via the main harness connection.  This means only 1 wire is required for the power input.  To hook it up, just connect it to the positive park wire on the harness.  It should just plug in.  

The connector that was mistakenly sent in the first shipment was for our 7" units and the 2nd was a wire tap.  However for the Scout, you should be able to directly plug it to the positive signal and then the park wire will work.  

Am glad you're back on two wheels mate.  Safe riding. 

Cheers! Nate

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Some time ago I got a HogLight for my 2016 Springfield.  Best accessory I have bought for the bike.  A great light and great service from Nat and HogLights.  I highly recommend them.

Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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