Hey guys,

I am planning on getting freedom performance 2:1 exhaust system. I saw a few guys have radical radius, but have not seen 2:1. Does anyone have any experience with that one? also planning on putting s&s air filter too. What do you do with the tuning? Thanks for you any help!
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Hi Ecno,

The best tuning upgrade is to get a Power Vision 3 from Fuel Moto. The PV3 is made by Dynojet but when Fuel Moto sells it you get more tune updates than from Dynojet. The earlier model was called the PVCX, and is a different gadget from the PC5, also used for tuning.

It's not cheap, probably $400 or so these days, maybe more. It plugs to your diagnostic port and flashes the computer with whatever tune you desire. You can also use it to log performance, throw those log files into the software and adjust the tune, and flash the bike again.Successive logs like this bring the tune closer and closer to the most effective for you bike.

There is a forum member named CraigB1960 on this forum, and on the international forum, who is the expert in getting the most out of the Indians with the PV3.
Cheers, Kim.

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Hi Dr. Shifty,

Thank you very much for valuable info! I will 100% get this one in near future. So my question for now is can install pipes and air filter and not do remap? Does it harm your bike?
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ecno wrote:
So my question for now is can install pipes and air filter and not do remap? Does it harm your bike?
General consensus is that you can replace the pipes (slip-on exhaust behind the header pipes) OR add a performance air clear with the factory tune without harming the bike (at least in Thunder Stroke engines).  If you do both, should remap.  If buying Indian air cleaner or pipes, Indian does offer 3 seperate tunes - (a) pipe-only, (b) air cleaner only and (c) both.  If you were planning to buy one of those performance mods from Indian, you might be able to opt for the 'tune for both' option, even if you decide to run a 3rd party air or pipes.  
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Sorry ecno my reply is a bit late but hopefully still helpful. I put the S & S intake on my scout and bought the PVCX through fuel moto. By getting the two from fuel moto at same time they offer a pretty good discount, the cheapest I could find anywhere online.
Hope this helps.
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