Is it worth the money to fit the heated grips to the Chieftain? Do they work well? Do they automatically switch off when the bike is turned off? I would hate the battery to fun flat if accidentally left on if this was not the case. While we are on the topic of heated comforts, what are the heated seats like?
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Aside from performance accessories, heated grips (if you ride in the cold months) and rider backrest (if you do long distances) are the two most well regarded accessories.
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My 15 RM came with both heated grips and seats.  The grips work well.  The seats are individually controlled by switches that are low-off-high.  I put my seat on low for 5 minutes with the outside temperature at about -2C.  I had to turn them off...my butt was starting to cook!  I keep threatening to put a rheostat in place of the switches so I can have infinite control over the seats but have yet to do so.

To me...they would be worth the money if my scoot did not have them as factory.

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I have had my grips on a number of times already this year - not quite sure whether it's been cold or I am just getting soft (probably the later).  It's not something that I would use all the time but having them available is nice.  If I remember correctly, the grips turn off when you turn the bike off.  Turn the bike on and they are set back to 0 (although I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that the other day they stayed on - I will check it out!! ).
Whilst it is about comfort, the last thing I want to be focused on is how cold my hands are.  I am not a big fan of thick gloves so having the option is certainly great for me.
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Gotta have them if riding in the colder months. I love them.
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Thanks for the feedback. I have just ordered them.
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