I am excited to have just picked up my Chief Classic from the Indian Dealer in Ashfield on Friday.
Andrew let me take a couple of different scouts out for a few days which I was originally looking to get, then I asked if I might just try a Chief.
There was no hard sell and he said take it for a few days to compare.
Thinking it would be too big, too heavy, hard to ride in city traffic I was blown away how easy it was to ride and infinitely more comfortable.
It was a bit more expensive than what I was prepared to pay, but agreed on the demo model which was knocked down a few thousand, plus 3 thousand worth of accessories as well as the stage 1 pipes and fish tails exhausts thrown in on top.
Looking forward to a weekend away soon to Jindabyne with some mates and maybe catching up with some fellow Indian riders out on the road.
Chief Classic 2017
Burgundy Metallic over Thunder Black


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Hey Kimosabe,
Welcome to the forums. 
Congrats on your Chief Classic. It sounds great. 
Townsville QLD
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Welcome kimosabe. Enjoy your new ride.

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Welcome Kimosabe. Enjoy the ride. I know you will..
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Welcome Kimosabe & congratulations on your new ride.
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Welcome Kimosabe and congratulations on Chief Classic.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Welcome aboard mate. 
Get used to the smiles. 

aka - John
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Welcome Kimosabe , great choice of bike. 
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G'day Kimosabe
Welcome aboard. Great bike and a great time to get a new bike. Enjoy the season.
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Hey mate, another welcome from me! I'm super keen to do some Vic and NSW alpine rides so will be easy to catch up with some of the NSW guys. Glad you love the bike and love the story of the purchase. [biggrin]
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the the new Chief Classic.

Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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