Have been lurking on here a bit recently so thought had better join thanks everyone. Bought my 2016 scout a few weeks back, only 900 on the clock so barely run in with a few mods would have done myself anyway. Beautiful bike, am definately in love with the thing but already was out today buying new fork springs, shocks, grips and swapped the tyres over for a set of  Bridgestone Battle Cruisers which made a huge difference. Will fit the suspension over the coming weeks and keep you posted.
Cheers all.
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Hi Mon and welcome to the forum. The Scout is a great bike. Enjoy! 
Townsville QLD
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Welcome to the forum mon, whar suspension combo did you pick up?
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Welcome Mon. Enjoy the Scout!
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Welcome Mon.  enjoy the Scout.
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Hello and welcome to our forum.  Enjoy your Scout!
Let's be kind to one another.
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Welcome Mon, enjoy the Scout. 
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Hi Mon
Welcome to the forum
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Thanks for the welcome everyone, should have also posted am from Brisbane as well.
As far as which suspension I went with am trying the hagon rear shocks and a progressive fork spring kit with a heavier 20w oil. I know have heard some great reviws about the suspension setups from Dark Scout and others but cost was becoming a factor and these were so much more affordable so hope they perform ok when I fit them.
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Welcome Mon,  Once you get your suspension sorted out it is going to make a huge difference by all accounts.  Rubber side down.
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Hi Mon welcome aboard champ, no more lurking, have some fun and join in the madness and
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Welcome Mon...
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See you out there Mon .

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Sh!t will have to get the spray cans and the grinder out haha all good mate see you on the road one day cheers.
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 Hi Mon, welcome to the forum. Changing out the suspension will make a big difference - I’m running Darkscout on the rear and progressives with emulator on the front.
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Welcome to the tribe. 
North East Melb
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Welcome Mon
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Welcom Mon,
Keep us posted on the tyres yeah.
Shiny side up 👍
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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Welcome Mon.

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