currently riding a 2014 Chieftain, 2003 Harley E-Glide & 2007 Harley E-Glide side car rig

basically, I'm just an ol' Redneck Texan who eats, sleeps, lives and loves motorcycles. 
Been riding / racing them for 53+ yrs.   Quit the racing when gravity became stronger, and made it more difficult to get back on after an unplanned get-off.

I own a couple of machines shops,  one that specializes in racing/hi-performance engines; the other does prototyping/DFM for companies or race teams that usually require non-disclosure agreements.

Not much else to say ... was invited here by one of the moderators.

Will stop by on occasion, to lurk awhile to get a lay of the land.

Typically stay busier than a blind dog in a meat market with work, so my apologies in advance for a delayed reply.    Looking forward to sharing  Indian experiences with y'all. 
Respects,  Tom - AMS

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Welcome Tom!  Thanks for accepting my invitation.  

Everyone... he is being modest.  Tom is the man who provided us with all the information we know today about clacking.  See this article and you will see the wealth of knowledge this man brings.  Please make him feel welcome!

Tom, I will be touring around Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado in September 2017... if my wife and I decide to head down to Texas, I will let you know.  I hear you Texans do mean smoked ribs!  [smile]
Let's be kind to one another.
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Welcome Tom, would love to go over and meet you in person.  Working on a 2018 trip.
I like bluegrass, banjos and motorcycles.
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Welcome Tom,  It's not often we get international visitors to our forum - thanks for accepting the invitation.

We have been reading (compliments of V-Twin) your synopsis of the 111 motor issues and challenges.  A very interesting read and analysis - I think that we all got something meaningful from that - I know that I did.

I have a noise in the motor and I am seriously thinking about putting a series of small microphones on the motor to pinpoint where this problem is occurring.  Pretty much the same method as the mechanics stethoscope only recorded into a digital medium for further analysis by the shop.  I am hoping to correlate these noises with a video of the cockpit so that any co-relation with the speed or tacko or throttle usage can be identified.  Thanks to your article I pretty much know where to place the pickups for the most effective demonstration of the problem.

Congratulations on some great articles.
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Hi Tom, good to have your knowledge and experience onboard. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.
Cheers Smiley
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G'day Tom
Great to have you on the forum, and especially your willingness to share your knowledge.
From your bike line up you are clearly a dresser fan and both Indian and Harley. 
A man after my own heart, there is room for both in my shed. My Indian is a Dark Horse, my Harley is an old Tour Glide Shovel, currently stripped and customised but I will dress it again one day and I have  an FL Panhead project. I have the dresser gear for the Pan but I am not sure if I will dress it or not.
I know they are called baggers now but somehow they will always be Dressers to me.

Welcome and Merry Christmas.
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welcome Tom
located:  Gold Coast
Darkhorse, stage 2
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Welcome  Tom.
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Welcome Tom.  Excellent articles on clacking.  Thank you.
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