Another great question came thru the night. I'll share for all.. as I’m sure many more may wonder.
Ive registered and coming to the event... can I just turn up or do I need to ride, belong to IMR Group etc? is it part of the requirements. Thanks
Hi mate... come anyway you want. This event is for all Indian Motorbike riders whether part of a group, club or lone riders, new , old and in between. There are helpers in various regions (Chiefs) who are organising groups from their areas for those that want to ride with people. There are also many riding anyway they like and in any time frame they wish. Some are doing a mammoth all day 9 hour ride in, some are taking a week..
There are a couple of ways you can find out who in your area is riding.. the Chiefs details and their area are on the website page here. There are a number of group FB pages which are also listed on the webpage..
Some groups are leaving and meeting other groups on way eg Tamworth folk will leave Thursday and I believe meet up with Newcastle group at Cobar. etc
IN all cases ,How people get there is up to them. The Chiefs and helpers are there if you need, thats all.. its not a formal expectation and there is no obligation to ride with IMR groups etc.
You do not need to be in a group to be part of the event. This event is not a HOG /Ulysses style/model of event.
YOU can ride ANY model of Indian Motorbike in the parade as long as you have registered .
You can arrive anyway you want, with a group, on your own, some have their bikes in motorhomes or on trailers, or partner driving the family car as a support .
Just all be there by around Lunchtime Friday 8th May.....
snap shot looks like this:
Friday 8th - 11 am Practice run from Silvo doing parade route if intetrested..
Friday - Pick up registration packs from 3pm Demo Club
Friday - Meet and greet at demo club 6pm till 7.30pm. mates etc can join in after this time
Saturday 9 - Parade - Silvo Penrose Park from 8am and finish apoprox 11.30/12 noon
Saturday from 12 noon.... we all party in the streets of Silverton and check out all the bikes and amazing town
Cheers and hope that helps
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