Good morning eveyone.. a great question came thru this morning, which I'll share for all..
Hi I am riding to the event along with a friend of mine who owns an Indian Bike, but I am riding a non Indian Bike.... Would I be allowed to participate in the event with a non Indian Bike?? Much appreciate if you can reply to my query. Thanks!!
HI mate, thanks for checking in.. The event Im producing is just for Indian motorbikes and their riders.. However there are some non Indian riders I believe coming out to have a look and enjoy the town and ride out with mates or partners who ride Indian Motorbikes. The 2 events Im concentrating on is the Friday meet and greet in Broken Hill and then the Saturday morning parade and record attempt in Silverton… These 2 events are only for those that have registered and are on Indian Motorbikes.
Mates, family, friends etc can of course be in Silverton around lunchtime Saturday ( the gathering and parade will be from 8am till 11am approx pending number of bikes) to have a look at the bikes and enjoy the town. This is not a bike festival as such and there are no stalls, show and shines or organised motorbike activities.
The focus and reason for this event is to gather as many Indian Motorcycles as possible to have on a parade.
The Friday meet and greet is just for an hour and half ( 6.00pm till 7.30pm) and for registered riders only, Mates etc are of course welcome to join up afterwards at the club or wherever they want to have diner etc .
This event (parade) is being produced for Indian Motorbike riders only. That is my only focus. However there are non Indian riders comimg into town with mates like yourself to check things out and maybe trade their bike in for an Indian 😊
Hope that helps..
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