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Hey Breto I dont know that area but I did saw a FTR today and it looked sensational. The only problem I have is they are bloody high ha ha ha
Wicked looking bike though, would be serious fun in a hilly area. We do not have any mountains or corners. Some riders here could not handle corners ha ha. Only time I need to move quick is dodging a drunk driver or wild life. Have a grin Cobber
We are here for a good time not a long time, so ride until you can not no more
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Can any one tell me why there is such a lack of activity on the FTR side of this forum?…you can hear a pin drop...🤔

Mate it's the way things are, bloody FB has killed a lot of forums. I've been a member of the original Thunderbird 1600 one since 2011 and it was a very busy forum for many years, then the FB pages started popping up, now there are only a handful of us contributing. I resisted FB for a long time but eventually had to join to stay in touch with mates. 
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