Bought some gear from Indian MC Melbourne before they close today.
Got a front brake lock, leather jacket and a couple of t-shirts. The partners son works there until the end of the day. Bought my FTR through him.
The lock was a five minute job to fit. Just have to remember to unlock it before I ride off.

no more discounts........Bummer
68F0183B-8D1A-4B00-B2DD-5368A1A3F51E.jpeg  CCB9E46E-865A-4EC9-B9E7-8F0C94FE3A6C.jpeg  648DB3C8-E00E-4D7C-98C8-FA6F25D676A0.jpeg 
IMRG AU102333
FTR 1200S Race Replica 
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Good score mate 👍🏼
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How do you like the Beckman jacket? The wife got me one for my birthday (this Friday) so i havent been able to wear it yet. Its a real good looking jacket, hopefully its comfy and warm enough for this time of year..
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Visited bikers gear Aust last trip to Melbourne at a 183cm & 150KG I cannot find any large sizes at dealerships. They went out of their way to custom make wet weather pants with a 2week turn around. Top quality and comfortable. $240 great value. Also got riding boots, gloves and other goodies. Well worth the trip
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Mars Leather Elizabeth St Melbourne since 1940 something. 

still the best range with best features. 

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