Hi all...I am currently based in the USA (Missouri) and I am thinking about bringing an Indian Scout back home with me to Melbourne Vic, in about 12 months time.

I have been reading that Indian have shut down there corporate owned dealerships to align to a franchise business model. I understand that this occurred this year and no doubt complicated by CV19.

What is less clear to me is the current status of Indian support that you guys have in Australia, specifically in and around Melbourne.

I guess the bottom line is 12 months time are we going to be left high and dry with no or little support from Indian \ Polaris in Australia?

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Hi Sean
Im guessing in 12 months time the new dealers will have their stores in full swing. Saying this i know a couple of guys having taken their bikes to the dealers and have been happy with the support.

Not sure where you will be located in Melbourne but I have been using All American Motorcycles in Ringwood for over 3 years (since my first required service) and have never been let down by them. They have a full workshop with Dyno and do lots of performance work and Know the indian brand well.
The other option is Antique Motorcycles in Cheltenham and also have a great reputation. Both of these guys are independents. 

I hope this helps
North East Melb
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Antique Motorcycles in Cheltenham will look after you.
A quick look at the website and you'll understand what I mean.
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I can recommend both Antique & All American as service centres.
Also, there are Indian franchise stores in both Dandenong & Keilor. I recently traded in my RM for a Dark Horse Challenger and found them good to work with. I got my first service done in Keilor, but because I live closer to Cheltenham,  I will get future services done at Antique as they did my RM the last few years without any issues.
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Hey guys, thanks a lot for the responses, I have check out those recommended motorbike business and that is spot on, just what I am looking for. I look forward to bringing the Indian back home....cheers Sean
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