Also makes a good bottle opener. Got to love an engineer who rides.

2017 Indian Chief Vintage GTHO Phase three shaker.
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U could just buy the Aeromach billet dipstick no tool required.  1 dipstick blk-500x500.jpg  1 dipstick-500x500.jpg 
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I thought it was a bottke opener at first. It was a whike before I worked out what it was for.[biggrin] 😶
2017 Dark Horse  - Stage 2, Rush Pipes

Location - Perth, Western Australia
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Richard Dixon
Same here.... I actually thought I got a gift.... great bottle opener in the shape of Indian head great promo tool...
But alas, I realised after trying to check dip stick & reading the book....
No gift,  just a required tool,
That happens to work just as well as a bottle opener...

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