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Hi all

Can anyone confirm if the Indian red over Thunder black Scout (not the Bobber) ever came to Australia?  The US website says they were built and the Australian website also confirms it but I cannot seem to find any of these, anywhere?
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Never seen one Fatscout ( great name by the way). Doesn’t mean anything though. Not a lot of Scouts in SA
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They are around best colour ever .2019 coming back . My profile pic has older one .

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Red Bobber only two in Brisbane hope it stays that way .ha


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I saw a black/red Scout yesterday up here in Newcastle. It was parked in somebody's front yard and I was riding past in the traffic so didn't get to stop and check it out.
Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
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I've got one and love it. The best colour combination of all the Indians.
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