You ride a Scout and loving it.  Next year, your mates are planning a motorcycle tour.  You think to yourself, 'Some wind protection would be nice.'  Well, wonder no more!  Indian God has heard you.  Indian announced a series of windscreens for Scout and Bobber.


Turn your Scout into a mini-me Chieftain in 3 easy steps!  They are priced at USD$1,100.

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Looks ok, but would a Bobber style bike still be a "Bobber" with a fairing like that??  (or a fairing at all??)  ðŸ˜ 
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If that's an easy on/off removable fairing I can see I'd have appreciated it on my Scout. And I imagine it's only a matter of time before the cheap Chinese copies turn up at a $500 landed here in Oz.
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Nope, don’t like it. Each to his or her own, but it’s not my cup of tea. It’d look ridiculous on a bobber, and make the Scout look like a try hard Roadmaster

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I would not be buying one myself . Kind of like them . Kool  .😎

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Yeah if that's your thing - go for it.

I reckon a shield on a Scout is a stretch, but still OK.

So this would not be OK for me - but then again, I don't own a Scout, so what do I know?

Hmm, that's a complex and completely different topic...

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