Hi all... Im very aware of the current changing situations regarding Tasmania and what possibly could be all state borders in Australia.. Im assessing and developing every day.. as I know you all are
Still sitting tight till April 1 to announce plans.
It changes by the minute.. so I along with the majority just want to wait a bit longer, so whatever plans I put forward wont change again.
It does at this point look highly likley the event will be postponed..
However, I need to be able to present options and how I can make many things work with alternatives. There are many stakeholders to consult on a few things.. it's a jigsaw.
All I can say in the scheme of things.. there are many folk much worse off and this event will happen one day or one way.. so as long as we are all still healthy and keeping a positive outlook, looking for the upgrades in our daily woes, our challenge is small compared to many.
As always if you need to talk to me Im avaialable 0418 970 963.
Thanks for your patience. You have all been really bloody wonderful.. xxx
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WA and Vic borders to close on Tuesday. 🤷‍♂️
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