Hello everyone.... how are we all going.. a little update we are at 231 regsitered riders... as predicted its slowed down, but I expect a flurry in the new year when folk have a better of idea of work commitments etc.

Keep the word spreading and as we are only 5 months away from the event... it will soon be here...

I'm excited.

So Im still busy in the background, just a bit quieter. As we get closer and I know the likley numbers, this will have a big impact on logistcs etc.

Everything is shaping up well.. Silverton is super excited to be hosting this event and the town will be a giant Indian LOVE fest ! 789010_8e493d3a870aaed90919d50e1fea7730_front.png 

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Yippee Ki Yay.

C Y'all N Silvo from Kappy and Willow, from downtown Wagin soon to be N.F.P.A

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