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adge82 wrote:
I own an Indian. Bronze Smoke Scout Bobber, Bassani pipes, Mini Apes, Pillion setup with small sissy bar and a tail tidy.  Wow... What a weekend.
Congratulations Adge on your Bobber!!  👍😎
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Nice write up.
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That is an excellent write up there Adge82!  Nice to read & nice to know that someone else has the same feelings (and reservations) after riding their Scout/Bobber for the first couple of times. I still get a thrill whenever I take my Scout out (after a year or so), it is awesome.  Goodonya brother and it sounds as though you have a really top Lady there also. (might hafta get her one also. ðŸ˜‰ 😉
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adge82 wrote:

We head to Dookie again and then on to Violet town on what feels like a road made with random bricks buried under the surface. You know, just for sh!ts n giggles.

My documents are now all signed and John is going to try to get the bike ready for me before Saturday in the hope that i can collect it then.

I own an Indian. Bronze Smoke Scout Bobber, Bassani pipes, Mini Apes, Pillion setup with small sissy bar and a tail tidy.
Wow... What a weekend.

The wife insists that this bike chose me, and it was always supposed to happen.
I tend to agree.
Im a happy man.

Nice write up.

I've ridden that Dookie road when I had my Scout, and it must be the worst road in Victoria. I thought it might be the town's retaliation for giving it such a silly name.  (Says the guy who lives in Woodrising.) 🙂

I had the 1920 solo saddle on the Scout and found it better than the stock seat (not everyone does), but it's an expensive option. I used an Airhawk when touring but still found the Scout's short travel suspension gave me a pounding, especially on roads like that one into Dookie. For a while I was thinking about getting a sprung saddle, which allows a bit more 'bounce'.

The mini-apes were a good fit for me, and held my hands just a little below elbow height when I was riding. They look higher when viewed from the front than they felt when riding.

And I love that bronze smoke. My 2016 Scout was the original red, but when they brought out the bronze smoke I was wishing for the time machine to come pick me up. 🙂
Cheers, Kim.

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With this bike Indian Motorcycle created a little masterpiece. It's awesome!!! I've the same bike, it's my first bike. In the begenning I thought to buy an Harley Davidson, maybe a Sportster... but since a saw the Bobber during a visit with my friend to an Italian Indian Dealer in Rome I'm in love with this bike. ðŸ

The seat is not so comfortable but I think to purchase soon another one. I'm going to look also for some saddlebag. For now I just enjoy my first wonderful bike! ðŸ˜Ž

✌ Ride safe! âœŒ


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Hi Adge82,


I have a 2015 Scout and I am 5'2. it is a breeze to ride, comfy and easy.  No idea if i look weird or not, don't really care lol.
No idea about the other questions. I am sure the others in here will help you out. They are a great bunch of people.
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Picked up the Bobber yesterday. Have been having a blast riding it around.
How much fun are these bikes?

Here is a pic, i think i might get a tool bag for the front too..

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Hi adage ,Beautiful machine ,  Was bike a trade in . Or demo how many klms . Your butt will start hurting around the hour mark . ha . Airhawk I have is kool  . Helps for longer rides .😎👍

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Hi Rusty, yeah the bike was the dealer demo.
I did notice the lack of padding in the seat when i test rode it.
Over the last weekend, I have either gotten used to it a bit, or it is getting better. I suspect im just getting used to it.

Im thinking that if it doesnt get much better over the next few months, i may take it to a local upholsterer and see if they can replace a bit of the foam in the top with something a bit more plush.

Thank you all for the kind words, im having an absolute blast on this thing.
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