Riding along today and what happens.....the left grip comes loose, that loose that It comes off in my hand. Not happy Jan
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Are they just slipped into place?  Can you wrap electrical tape on the handle bar and push the grip back on?  OR are did a screw or some other attachment come loose (or fallen off) and therefore your grip came off?

I just hope you weren't carving up a hill side when it happened.
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Funny you should say this.  Today when I was cleaning the bike, I noticed that my left hand appeared to be loose.  Havent thought much more about it really until I read this.  I think I will pay much more attention to this in the morning.
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Yea it's all good I did put tape on handle it made it fit more tighter. But I'm wondering how long this will last. But it's all good at moment. Love the Scout
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Sorry I am late with this reply.

From new my left hand grip was always slightly loose.

When I fitted my new reduced reach bars, a small tube of handgrip glue was included in the wrapping, which I applied.

I have never had another issue with loose left hand grip since. 
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 common fault I think l/h grip on scouts spray inside grip and bar with hairspray 
when it becomes tacky slide grip back on and let it dry problem solved!
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I had the same issue. Renthal grip glue worked perfectly. 

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