Hi all, fairly new to RM’s and on the first long ride, the wife has pulled up with sore knees. Does anyone have any suggestions for lower floorboards etc or had this issue before?
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Hi Twang, welcome to the forums!!

I have the same RM as you (colour and all ðŸ˜), nice choice!!

I had to adjust the floorboards for my teenage daughter who rides pillion with me.  If you look where the floorboards are mounted to the brackets, they have 3 height settings, plus the holes are elongated so you can adjust the angle slightly as well.

My daughter complained about the floorboards when we initially got the RM, but has had no issues since we adjusted the height to the lowest setting and adjusted the angle.

Page 56 of your owner's manual describes this process.

Hope this helps.
Cheers, Peter

Perth W.A.

2018 Roadmaster
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Yep what I was gunna say mate     You can also angle them a bit . Katty being  long in the legs , you’ll prob have to go to bottom slots , 
Cheers Ray
Gympie QLD😎
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Thanks guys, I’ll give that a go. Seems like it’s on the middle holes from stock so only 1 more to go but I’ll try angling it as well 👍
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Hi Twang. 
We purchased Rivco adjustable passenger boards for the misses. They did cost a bit but she definitely finds them better than the stock items mate 👍🏼

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