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Robbo wrote:

I think a key aspect of the PVCX is that it allows you to tune the bike outside of the retrictions with EPA requirements which potentially constrain the tuning freedom.

Thanks Robbo
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7thLife wrote:
Suspension wise, I am toying with the idea of getting a couple of struts made up and turning it into a hard tail.[eek] When are you looking at getting the DS suspension?

The current plan is March next year - so not too far away. Not sure I could go with the struts / hard tail build [biggrin]
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7thLife wrote:
Thanks Doc, all taken on board. It all makes sense and logical. Did you tune yourself or have fitted in shop?

I bought the PVCX from FuelMoto, telling them what bike I had and what enhancements.
It's easy to connect to the bike, it reads what data it wants, I emailed that data to FM and they emailed me a tune that I flashed to the bike with the PVCX. It was easy once I got through the weird and non-informative instruction page.
Cheers, Kim.

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Scout LE MKIII wrote:

Not sure I could go with the struts / hard tail build [biggrin]
I rode a hard tail late eighties/early nineties and can still walk upright[biggrin]
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Dr.Shifty wrote:

I bought the PVCX from FuelMoto
Thanks Doc. I also read your posts in tech section. Very informative and you give a good arguement for purchasing -on the list now. Cheers
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