Goodday to you All,

Apologise for the language mistakes....
I am Dutch. born 1956.
I owe a 2017 Rodmaster imported out of the UK. Burgundy Red, stage II, Rush Warhorse 2,5 pipes. Indian header decatted. Plenum Venum airfiler. PVCX tuned. 
Great Bike.

I owned a Triump Rocket Touring 2008 before this one which I had 8 years.
Also a great Bike but the RM is totally different.
Like to read and to discuss about the Indian on the Forums.


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Hi Hans,

Welcome to our corner of the world.  Your English is fantastic.  Enjoy your Roadmaster.
Let's be kind to one another.
Melbourne, Victoria
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Welcome Hans. The RM is a great bike. Enjoy the ride!
St. Kilda  Victoria
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Previous Ride: 2015 Roadmaster
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welcom ballyono
Ride Safe, Ride Often
2016 Chief Dark Horse
with a few modest mods
NOR Perth WA

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Good to have you with us ballyono. Enjoy the ride

2017 Thunder Black Scout.
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Welcome Hans.  Riding is good enough - riding an indian is better.  Glad to have you aboard.
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Highett Victoria Australia
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Hi Hans.
The Indian Brotherhood is strong no matter which part of the world you are in.
I love the Road Master but love my Chieftain better.
Enjoy the forum as  we all do
Penrith, NSW

2015 Indian Chieftain (Indian Motorcycle Red)
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Meanwhile back at the Ranch, Tonto disguised as a door gets his knob shot off !!!.

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Welcome Hans.
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Welcome cobber 👊
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Welcome Hans from Penrith NSW Australia.

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2017 Indian Scout
2013 Boulevard C50T
Penrith, NSW
Never lose your sense of humour.  [smile]

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Hi Hans, welcome to the forum. I spent some time in your neck of the woods and loved the Netherlands. 
2016 Scout (red) Canberra, ACT
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Welcome Hans and enjoy the forum. 
North East Melb
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Another welcome from Oz.  Hope the bike works out for you, watch those dikes! Ride safe Hans.
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