Good evening, 
Thanks for the invite to the forum. I'm a new Indian Scout 2015 owner. Picked it up from a dealer the other week. What a machine. I'm from South East suburbs of Melbourne. If you see me riding around my plates are BIGP. Give me a beep! What an amazing bike. Apart from my lack of fuel light which caused me to run out of fuel. I'll take it back for stat warranty but heard this could be a common problem. I'm a mechanic by trade and owned a 1200 sportster and a Honda cb650f prior. This by far is my favourite bike! Thanks again . BigP
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Welcome aboard mate. 

It’s great to see another Scout owner join the team. I am assuming your amount of riding will be a little impacted during these crazy times. Hang in there - good times will return  

Enjoy the bike ... and the forum. 

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Hi and welcome to the forum, hope you get the fuel low light sorted.
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Welcome to the forum, BigP. The Scout is a great bike and I enjoyed mine while I had one.

It was the suspension over our rough local roads that got to me in the end, but the short fuel range was a continuing annoyance. I ran out of fuel very soon after buying, five blocks from the servo I was heading to. The light gave me about 20 kms warning and it ran out at 250 kms. From that day I used the odo to track the fuel and started looking to fill up at the 200 km point.

There was one Aussie Scout owner who spent a lot of money having a fuel tank maker enlarge his tank to give him about 400 kms. It cost heaps but it's out there somewhere.

One common thing I used to get when on the Scout was admiring words from people at the servo or pulling up in the street. The other common thing was the surprise of my riding mates on the performance of it. I think it's bigger on the inside than on the outside. 🙂
Cheers, Kim.

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Welcome aboard BigP. Enjoy the Scout. They are great bikes.
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G’day BigP 

welcome and congrats on your ride.  Hang in there with the other stuff going on in your state and hope you get out on the track soon
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Welcome BigP!  You should enjoy this forum, great place.  Good choice in bikes I see, I have a 2016 Scout myself.
Bloody awesome bikes.  Makes getting around suburbs a hell of a lot easier than the Chief!
Hope the new restrictions aren't getting to you, we're a tad luckier here in the West, still, that's what closed borders do for you.
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Hi BigP
I hope you enjoy the forum. Sounds like you are already enjoying the Scout. Why wouldn't you,  they are a great bike.
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Hi BigP Scout is a great bike. I had one and loved it but now ride a Springfield. I’m from Gippsland area if you want to go for a ride give me a tingle. But I work shift work so every 3rd weekend I’m free. Haven’t been out with the group in quite a while ....missing that. Stay safe. Scubasteve
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Good evening, Thanks for the kind words. I got my bike back today after they replaced the fuel sender in tank. I drained all the fuel and tested it to make sure and thankfully the fuel light now comes on 🙂 Indeed Scuba Steve once all goes back to normal one day it will be great to go out for a ride. Its only day 2 of lockdown and feels like an eternity 🙁 Stay safe everyone
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