Howdy! From beautiful Central Oregon!! I’m 51 and been riding since I was 10. I’ve ridden Honda’s, Yamaha’s, Sazuki s, CZ’s, Hodaka’s, Bulltaco’s, KTM’s, Husky’s....well, just about everything out there. Then about a year ago (May 31, 2019 to be exact) I decided to make one of my dreams come true....I bought an Indian Springfield!!! I can honestly say, she’s the best bike I’ve ever owned. So proud to be a part of the Indian family!
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Hi Bhayward,
welcome to down under.

It sounds like you've come from a long line of dirt bikes, not many Bullies on the radar over here.

I had a few Hodaka's in the early 70s, used to do them up for racing and sell them to the riders I could beat. 🙂
Ten years ago I bought a Kawasaki Versys, which was an unusual looking bike in those days. I got so sick of people asking me 'what kind of bike is that?' that I took all the badging off it and had a signmaker do me up so new ones I designed. So the Versys 650 became a Hodaka 750 Road Toad. 🙂
Now I get nostalgic old guys asking me if they are making them again.

Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
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Welcome to the 'down under' forum!!

I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

I have a SF as well and absolutely love it!

aka - John
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G'day Bhayward & welcome to the forum.  You should like it's people & content.  You will probably find a lot of us have all had different rides over the years (heck, a lot still have different rides as well as an Indian) I think that is good, diversity & experience all contribute.  Enjoy the ride, both on the bike & on the forum! ðŸ‘
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Welcome Bhayward1010  enjoy the Springfield..
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Welcome Bhaywood
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G’day Bhaywood

Welcome to the Aussie tribe

cast a vote here if your inclined
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