Hi everyone 
For loong time I have a dream to own Indian motorbike. I am “ that close” to buy Indian Scout in my favourite colour, “Willow Green over Ivory Cream “
I joined forum, thank you, to get some more info on must do mods and, hopefully, to find some ride buddies in Perth south.

The world fastest Indian 
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G’day mostarac

welcome and love your colour choice. 


Brad - SoR, Perth WA

2018 Indian Chief Vintage (Willow Green & Ivory)
Stage 3 116 Big Bore Kit, Stage 1 Pipes, fishtails & air cleaner
Beach Bars
IMRG: AU102531
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G'day & Welcome Mostarac!  You should enjoy your Scout, I've got one also & can't fault it.
There are lots of mods/upgrades you can do (the same as any bike) but I would suggest you ride it a tad
& figure out how the bike feels.  (mind you, if the Dealer throws in lots of extras, Take Them!)

I'm Not Completely Useless . .
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Kwinana W.A.

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Welcome aboard mate.

There are heaps of Perth based riders on this forum, so riding buddies should be pretty easy to find.

Good luck with the purchase.

aka - John
2017 Springfield - grey / burgundy
Northern Beaches - Sydney
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Welcome, Mostarac.
Nice colours, and probably my favourite of the painted bikes. You'll have a blast on the Scout, it's how I got into Indian a few years ago.
Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
Rides a Springfield Dark Horse
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Hey , yer fellow perth rider here.  Just checking you know about the dealer in Mandurah?  Its just a pop up store at the moment since the shop in Cannington shut up. Shane the owner and Andrew  the service manager will look after you... all the best and hope you have your new wheels soon..
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Hi and welcome, Mostarac!

Nice to have another Perth rider (South side as well!) 
Same as Shifty, a scout was my entry into Indian as well. Great fun bike to ride.

Hopefully catch up with you out and about.
Remember, stay shiny side up!! Ã°Å¸ËœÅ½

Perth, WA

2018 Chieftain Dark Horse
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Welcome Mostarac, love the colour of that Scout.. Enjoy!
St. Kilda  Victoria
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Thank you all ✌️
The world fastest Indian 
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Welcome aboard brother
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Thank you brother 
The world fastest Indian 
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Welcome Mostarac
I am in Perth as well, in he Hills.
I hope you get your Scout soon. 
2017 Dark Horse  - Stage 2, Rush Pipes

Location - Perth, Western Australia
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Welcome,  Also in the Perth Hills 
Scout 2020 Indian Red / Ivory Cream
Stage 1 Shorty Slipon Exhaust, Performance Air Box & Stage 1 Indian Tune
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Welcome Mostarac. 

Nice colors on the bike. 

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