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Sheepskin? WHAT sheepskin?? ðŸ˜Ž Welcome Deano, itz all good in this forum, curly side up... dang, sheepskin again..
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Welcome to this great bunch fellow Indian enthusiasts. 
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Howdy Dean welcome to the forum, and you have a Road Master, looks like we are giving those Scout owners a run for there

Muswellbrook, I worked up there for a couple of months building CASE Dump Trucks 100 Tonners.

Have Fun on the forum champ
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Meanwhile back at the Ranch, Tonto disguised as a door gets his knob shot off !!!.

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Sheepskin 🤣. 
That cracks me up lol. 
Thanks for the welcome mat guys 👍🏼
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deano27970 wrote:
Thanks Crash,
When I bought the Roadmaster I didn’t even have any intentions of buying a bike at all, just wanted to have a look at a Dark Horse in the flesh while we were in Sydney. 
We walked inside & there she was, the wife spotted it & said “ There’s my bike”, I knew I had the permission note written out at that point 🤣. The rest is history & ive never looked back. Really glad I didn’t get serious about a BMW R1200GS before then. 
Its awesome how good you feel at the helm of one of these beasts. 
I’ve done the cams, air filter & pipe upgrades on her & she gets a very cranky sound coming from her once you open her up. Gives me a smile a mile wide ✊🏼🎶😍

Welcome aboard Deano.
Nice work on the permission note, my journey was very different.
A year long strategy that was filled with twists, turns and the occasional speed bump, or two.
Nonetheless, I got there and she seems happy - well, that is going too far - she gives the appearance of tolerating it - yeah, that's better...

Enjoy mate - they are special machines - all of them.

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Hi Dean, welcome to the forum.
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