G'day fellow Indian enthusiasts and riders alike. 

New to the forum and may get a little lost navigating some of the pages, but i have been doing that all my life and eventually find my way ( probably why it has taken me this long to find my new ride )

I am on a 2019 Indian Dark Horse, bought from melbourne city.

All i have done is change the custom solo seat to this 2 seater to give me extra leg room and i cant get the smile of my dial. You know what they say  -  once you've had black.......

Based in Portland Vic and work mostly in Melbourne on a rotating shift, so i get to make more time to clear out the nostrils.

Look forward to seeing more of you out there on the open road - take care. leebreakwall.jpg
( AKA   Lyle )

Stay Upright
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G'day Lyle & welcome to the forum.  Nice looking ride there, you should enjoy the forum also.  Getting lost reading it isn't too much of a hassle!
(bit different down the road)  ðŸ‘
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G'day Lyle

Another welcome from the west - good looking DH
Brad - SoR, Perth WA

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i am happy to get lost on the road. getting to the destinatioin is all the fun, especially on the new girl.
( AKA   Lyle )

Stay Upright
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Welcome aboard mate. Love the DH - a great choice.  

I hope you enjoy your stay here. 

aka - John
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Welcome Lyle. Great looking DH. Enjoy!
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Welcome Lyle , like you I also  have just joined the group .

Great looking  DH mate!

2017 Roadmaster
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Love this model. I have the 2018 model. Changed pipes to thunder black. Cruising around the pilbara. Awesome bikes
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