I am new to the forum and also new to cruisers. I have ridden sports bike since 2013 as a commuter, but now just brought my first cruiser and am just planning to use it for enjoyment. Brought a bobber 20....I work away and am in Isolation now so doing heaps of plans for when I pick it up next time when I am home.

Any must do things or tips?

Have a good one


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Welcome to the forum TJ. Lots of scout and bobber guys and girls on here which will be happy to assist. 
Enjoy the forum and the new bobber..
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Cheers BigTone, Can’t wait to get home this time, did a test ride and it was amazing. Going to use the iso to hunt thr forum for tips and ideas.

All the best
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Welcome aboard mate.
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Welcome TJ

thats what it’s all about - riding for the enjoyment 
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Cheers for all the welcome guys, Looking to do some easy mods when I get home and get a good feel for the bike. This forum will no doubt prove useful and hopefully i can share the knowledge once I am complete.

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Welcome TJ, yep this forum is a font of information.  Good choice in your Bobber, I run a Scout also, awesome bikes.
(not sure I'd say it was a cruiser though!  🙂
I changed from sports bikes to big cruiser types years ago, had broken collarbones & couldn't handle riding with clip-on
style bars for any length of time.  It does take a bit of adjustment (especially cornering with the big bikes) but I reckon
you have the ideal bike for the transition.  The Scouts are quick & very agile, enjoy!  ðŸ‘ŒðŸ˜ŽðŸ‘
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Welcome to the Forum TJ and congrats on the Bobber!!
Cheers, Peter

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Cheers Croc and Pacman..... The more I search this forum the bigger my mod want list becomes..don’t even have the bike yet. 

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Good to have you on board mate.  Great bike - I thoroughly enjoyed the half day I had on a Bobber while mine was getting serviced late last year.

I remember when I was researching a Scout a few years ago now.  The list just longer and longer the more I looked at the various threads on here and other forums.  I recall (and kept a wish list) that I was keen on 2:1 Bassani pipes, saddle bags, spoked wheels, Corbin seat and back rest, windshield, windshield bag, white wall tyres, luggage rack, oversized grips, throttle lock (pretend cruise control), Barnett clutch cable, Gort floor boards, heel shifter, Buffalo horn, war bonnet for front fender (with light), Klock Werks front fender, heat barrier kit . . . etc, etc, etc.

It was about then that I decided to just get a Springfield and have most of the above come with it - and engineered to fit and work.  Having said that, even though I got an end of year promotion that included stage 1 pipes and AC and stage 2 Cams - I still found ways to add a crap load of extras that didn't come standard to the SF - PVCX, luggage rack, back rest, passenger sissy bar, foot and toe rests, Buffalo horn, Freedom lowers, brake light modulator, phone lock, Nelson Rigg luggage, hard bag luggage inners, heel shifter, loads of tools, compressor, battery pack, etc, etc. . . 

Bottom line - watch the bottom line!!  These Indian bikes are easy to spend money on - and very addictive.  You won't have any trouble at all finding things to buy, it is just about what to choose for your budget and objective (performance, looks, distinctiveness). 

You would have noticed by now that OEM gear is a bit pricey, but it is usually good quality.  There are loads of after-market options for practically everything, with many of them much cheaper and really good quality.  Well worth researching.  

Making the Bobber your own will be a joy.

Good luck!

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Rear shocks- get those sorted as a priority,, OEM ones are IMO borderline dangerous, throw them as far away as you can.
 Pipes and intake really allow the engine to come alive, apart from that enjoy.
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Welcome to the forum. Riding is enjoyment anytime you do it but way better when you plan it that way from the outset.
Have fun riding and tinkering.
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G’Day TJ welcome to the forum.
Stay upright and enjoy.
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