Not sure this is really Indian related, but maybe cos I'm travelling with Willow my RM.

Been camped up at Bringelly NSW, since the end of March, due to this Covid shitshow. many thanks to a dear friend.

Nearly time to head off again, probably about three week, now I head north, South?

Any suggestion from local in the know where I can head and park up for a bit to do some rides.
Trouble is I need a bit of space to park my rig.
Willow is inside trailer.

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Hey Kappy, I'm sure that someone will help outwith site locations, I'm over W.A. so not much help.
Like your rig though!  Mate has similar in the NT but his is painted with Tommie Crow's artwork (indigenous).
Must be great to pull up with your own accommodation & get the bike out for a ride.  Beats the hotel/motel scene!
Good Luck (stay clear of VIc though, I hear it's not good at the moment, if you don't want CV or are a Labor Politician!!)

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That’s sure is an absolutely awesome setup Kappy

I’m Willow Green with envy 😁
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If you are thinking of heading north to Newcastle area, send me a PM. I've got a biker mate on acreage who has room, and who also probably knows others further north - he seems to know everybody all over the place.
Cheers, Kim.

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